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Wish I'd Been There To See It

by The Compulsive Splicer

2000-09-14 12:59:58

Disregarding the law is all well and good, but you know, sometimes common sense should tell you to just read the signs, you know?


"I fought the law and ... the law won."

On his way home from a greuling session with his dentist Wednesday, Pigdog Photocartoonographer The Compulsive Splicer came across evidence of an event that made him wonder why shit like this doesn't happen more often.

Where Sloat and Junipero Serra meet in San Francisco, the driver of a late model BMW apparantly thought the stop lines painted on the street were there to make the streets pretty.


Signs, signs,
everywhere signs.

At the same time, the conductor of an outbound M Ocean View MUNI train apparantly decided to offer a friendly lesson in traffic safety.

Pigdog Journal was unable to determine exactly when the collision ocurred, but this reporter isn't sure that he cares. Oddly, he finds the Rod Stewart song "Every Picture Tells A Story" running through his head. Normally this might prove to be quite an annoyance, but with this photographic evidence, who can argue?


The scene, from the other side.

The vehicle was found ungarnished by blood or gore, indicating that any injuries sustained may have been minor. Splicer's humanitarian side is relieved for the sake of the well-being of the driver and any passengers that may have occupied the vehicle. Splicer is glad also because he thinks he must have swallowed some fluoride rinse while at the dentist's, and was feeling rather nauseous to begin with. Evidence of loss of bodily integrity at the scene probably would have made him lose his cookies.

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