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Votescam: The Stealing of America

by Baron Earl

2000-11-10 00:12:36

Earlier in the week, before the election, when the newscasts were naming Florida as a pivotal state in the election, I thought back to a book I'd read a few years ago. A book which documented vote fraud on a massive scale in Florida over a 20 year period. The book named names, dates, and places where vote fraud took place within the state and the author's attempts to expose that fraud.

The book is called Votescam: The Stealing of America. When I checked this afternoon this book was their 392nd best-selling book. Apparently the word is out and people are snatching up copies because when I checked just now, the book is their 192nd best-selling book. I'd guess by the end of the week it'll be #1, if they can find enough copies -- last time I checked the book was out of print.

If you want a real insider's view of just what the hell is going on in Florida, buy this book. You will be stunned and amazed. Who cares who's running for office if the system that tallies the votes is fixed?

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