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Last Resort: Boycott Everything
1998-11-25 13:31:00

I wonder if every city press club has an adjoining whiskey-soaked flophouse?
-- Mr. Bad


Adbusters is once again sponsoring BUY NOTHING DAY this Friday, November 27th. That's the day after Thanksgiving, which is traditionally the most frantic consumer-schlock-acquisition day of the year. Buy Nothing Day is an excellent way to say "Fuck You" to the architects of an economy based on people like you and me going into crippling debt in order to buy glitzy useless shit.

Send a backlash to the bean-counters on BND. Tell them you don't like having an economy tax (which is essentially what excess consumer spending is) put on your ass during Christmas. Tell the world that you're cashing out of this stupid Ponzi scheme. Tell them you're not going to bail out collapsed economies in totalitarian Asian countries by buying their useless crap created with captive labor at starvation wages. It's YOUR MONEY --just for one day, quit giving it to pigs and idiots.

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