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Now Here's An Idea To Get Behind
1999-11-15 12:24:58

Fuck this town. Fuck the internet. Fuck it all...
-- Manny


Regular Pigdog readers will recall that last year, an article was published here that managed to turn Adbusters into mortal enemies. The article in question dared to take their (possibly stolen) holy cow, "Buy Nothing Day", and grind it up into delicious hamburger. It's a pleasure to have recently discovered that the feelings of despise for this feel-good circle-jerk are spreading like wildfire.

In Montreal, Canadia, individuals have come up with a reasonable and effective protest to surpass the ineffective "BnD" called "Steal Something Day."

According to the "SSD" website: "Unlike the misplaced Buy Nothing Day notion of consumer empowerment, Steal Something Day promotes empowerment by urging us to collectively identify the greedy bastards who are actually responsible for promoting misery and boredom in this world. Instead of ignoring them, Steal Something Day encourages us to make their lives as uncomfortable as possible."

Sounds like total genius!

So, this November 26, blast King Missile's "Take Stuff From Work" and be a total liquidator on the economy, as well as society in general!

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