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Buddhist Priest has PROOF of ETI

by The Compulsive Splicer

1999-06-22 21:15:49

Yeah, there's scads of UFO nuts out there, but this one's a Buddhist priest, and she's got proof! All that and a letter from the Vice-President.

Rev. Mary Teal Coleman was ordained by the Dalai Lama, and she says that all religious traditions teach that there are many kinds of sentient life in the universe. She's collected evidence and brought it before the news media and the U. S. Government.

She says that National Security can no longer be used as an excuse to keep the truth from us, and criticizes Jimmy Carter for reneging on his promise to reveal everything the government had on extraterrestrial intelligence.

She has taped herself lecturing about the existance of extraterrestrials and her tapes, documents, and Web site is called Impact Zone. "When investigating the possibility of the existence of non-human intelligences," she writes, "we indeed enter a mental impact zone. May we all ride this wave to the next level of understanding."

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