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-- The Compulsive Splicer

Those aren't aliens... those are Communists.

by The Compulsive Splicer

1999-06-22 20:35:54

Flying Saucers! Government Spies! Commie traitors! Giant killer bees! Romance! Adventure! This one's got 'em all, babie.

Okay, I was kidding about the giant killer bees.

Indespensible reading: The Silent Invasion. Is a book that helped me down the path to the twitchy paranoiac I am today. In cartoon-noir style, Larry Hancock and Michael Cherkas chase us through the back-alleys of our own suspicians and fears about the world we live in while poking fun at the world we once lived in.

The Silent Invasion is simply brilliant. It tells the story of alien infiltration into the worlds' governments, and the quest of one man, hunted by the governments of two nations locked in a cold war, to find the truth. Or... is it?

Yeah, and The Silent Invasion was on the newsstands about ten years before that Matt Sinkage-wannabe Mulder started nosing around your teevee set. And the great thing is they just started making more!

At the same time, when comics are generally either trashy genre fiction or pretensious "Sequential Art", The Silent Invasion is straightforward and unashamed of what it is: It's a comic book, drawn in a loose-brush style. It tells a story and draws us in in the way that the best of comics do, but never hides from being straightforward and direct.

Its the avant-garde that the avant-garde hate.

Sorry, though. I couldn't find any giant killer bees.

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