Copy-Protected CDs Coming
2001-12-19 18:13:01

The Corporate Fuck
Wow, this is like a tip you get from Martha Stewart...
-- Johnnie Royale


Universal announced on Monday that they will be releasing copy-protected CDs in the US this week - so no longer will citizens be able to excercise their 1st amendment rights of fair use to listen to "their" music how they choose. Corporate Bastards!!!

The thing to remember about Universal - the world's largest music label - is that they aren't afraid of piracy. Their real goal is to make sure that you have to buy content once for the home, once more for the computer, once again when travelling, etc. They can't do that if they don't have copy controls.

They love it that with DVDs they can force you to watch a preview without giving you the option of fast forward.

They also own, which under their control went from being generous to artists to witholding payments.

And they just bought USA Networks, one of the last good television stations. They show Troma movies and monster trucks. Boy howdy! It'll probably turn into a mini version of MTV that only promotes Vivendi/Universal music, movies, and TV shows.

Oh well, what do you expect from the fucking French!

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