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European Galileo Green Lighted

by JRoyale

2002-03-18 13:59:37

Europe, thumbing its nose at the Bush Administration and its collection of inbred whackos, thieves, corporate boot lickers, thugs and con men, today approved Galileo, a new space based competitor to the American GPS system.

I applaud this move as it reduces the hammerlock control that Bush has over the current system, as it is perfectly within the power of the President to shut the commercial side of GPS down whenever he (or one of his cronies) feels like it - with no reason or justification required. As GPS becomes more and more integrated into our lives (all cell phones will soon carry a GPS chip and so will laptops) it becomes increasingly obviously that the inmates in the White House should not be given such absolute power. (There are a lot of other absolute powers they shouldn't have either, but I'll save those for future rants.)

Thus, I welcome the competition from Europe. Not only will it provide a back up system to GPS, but the Galileo system will permit resolution of commercial devices to within 1 meter; far better then the current technology available from GPS and greatly expanding the number of potential applications.

Finally, instead of unilaterally shutting down such an important tool, denying its value and quite literally placing lives in jeopardy, whichever American Administration is in power at the time will, in the future, also need to convince Europe that disrupting the signal is an absolute necessity and a true emergency. And in my opinion, if America can (s)elect and place such horrific and retarded leaders in power, then America needs all the external checks and balances we can get.

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