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Cope or Die
-- Johnnie Royale

Coming Soon to a Sky Near You - Leonid Meteor Shower Nov 17/18

by JRoyale

2001-11-12 00:40:28

Every once in a while, the earth passes through the debris left by a comet that has recently visited our neck of the solar system.

Because of cosmic scheduling, some years result in more meteors then others and this year - according the rocket scientists at NASA - will be the best year for meteor viewing in a long time. In fact, this very weekend should be the best show since the mid 1900's and probably the best until 2099.

The rocket scientists have made a handy dandy little javur calculator where you can plug in your location and figure just how many meteors you are likely to see and when is the best time to watch. The higher and darker parts of northern California are going to see upwards of 2700 meteors an hour around 2am on Nov 18th.

So do like Johnnie is planning on to doing. Fill a cooler full of beer and ice and head out to where there aren't any lights and watch the sky throw rocks at you.

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