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The Ins and Outs of a Very Sucky 2002

by JRoyale

2002-03-17 17:49:24

Ever since the Supreme Court selected our current half-wit President, an ill wind has whipped this noble attempt at self-government, straining our will to persevere and chilling our resolve.  Large and very duplicitous forces are conspiring to reduce this nation into a bunch of mindless morons, braindead zombies and marketing whores, incapable of anything more then unquestioning obedience to the dictums of our self-anointed rulers.  Don't believe me???  Just look at the Ins and Outs of 2002 and tell me things haven't gone from bleak to horrible lately.



Big, ugly NYC skyscrapers Giant pits on Wall Street
Crash and burn IPOs DNA body part matching
Annoyingly spunky Internet startups with too much cash and no business plan Soulless multi-nationals with too much cash and a plan for TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION
Huge CEO salaries and stock options Huge CEO salaries and stock options cleverly hidden with accounting tricks
Corporate accounting tricks Better corporate accounting tricks
Overt corporate lying, stealing and hypocrisy New improved corporate lying, stealing and hypocrisy - now with government approved stealth technology
Massive military spending Even more massive military spending
Mutual Assured Destruction Unilateral Assured Destruction of anyone we don't like, guaranteeing our safety.  Unless, of course, they have box cutters
Balanced budgets - if you ignore little things like future Social Security obligations Deficits - plus even bigger Social Security funding problems
Lesbian Attorney General that obviously had only glanced at US Constitution, but never really read it Religious nutcase Attorney General that uses the US Constitution for toilet paper and prefers a nation of laws to a nation of people
Happy, Gay Nineties Dull, Dreary and Depressing Oughts
War on Drugs Never ending War on Terrorism and an even more vicious and never ending War on Drugs
A President that pretended to care and at least entertained us with his Oval Office sexual escapades A President that would prefer all the non-rich, non-white folks to leave the country and last had sex sometime during the Reagan era
Lip service paid to personal freedoms National ID cards
Free Speech - sometimes We can't let the terrorists win — so shut up
Displaying the flag Figuring out how to take the damn flag down without the neighbors noticing
Personal Computers that can play any software, music or videos the user wishes Personal Computers that can only use software, music and videos "approved" by corporations
Rainbow colored flags Rainbow colored terrorist alert stoplights
Corporate control of politicians with large cash bribes disguised as soft money campaign contributions Ultra brief suspension of politician bribing while corporate lawyers look for new loopholes
White collar criminals stealing Millions and not going to jail White collar criminals stealing Billions and not going to jail
Decades with catchy sounding nicknames The Oughties
Bloodshed in the Middle East More bloodshed in the Middle East
Americans quite happy not knowing where in the hell Afghanistan was Americans worried as hell about Afghanistan
Remnants of the 1st Amendment Copyright and Commerce Clauses
Suck, Feed, Salon, CNN, CNet, Wired, Slashdot, Plastic, FoxNews... Pigdog Journal

At least you still got the Pigdog Journal - fighting the "Good" People of the Present so we can have a future.

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