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Larry Flynt Takes on George Bush
2000-11-21 10:11:44

Power Corrupts
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We all know about soon-to-be-president Bush's coke-snorting, drunken, frat-boy past. But Larry Flynt, a man not afraid to get down into the cesspool and pull up skeletons buried Mafia-style has some new evidence.

Larry Flynt knows and understands the freedoms and rights of this country. He has to. His main publication, Hustler, is one of the most targeted and villified in all of history. Because of this, Mr. Flynt also understands the governement and *especially* understands politicians.

A handful of years ago, when the hydra-like beast known as "The Republicans" began raising it's head, attempting to deceive the United States into believing that it was nothing more than a harmless bunny who worshiped Jesus every six hours, Larry Flynt went out and started the honorable fight to slay this vile creature.

To date Larry has permanently ended the careers of a handful of hypocritical Republican monsters, by simply letting their pasts be shown in the public light.

Now, as the political storm rages in Florida, Flynt sits tight with new evidence that could effectively end the political career of George W. Bush. What Larry has, is evidence that "Mr. Family Values, Jr." knocked up some woman in 1970, and paid for the abortion while working for his Dad's campaign.

So powerful is this evidence, that CNN pulled the transcripts, pulled the link to Flynt's website AND is denying that Flynt was even on the air when he first announced it to the world. I can't wait to see the shitstorm this unleashes.

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