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Man Gets 16 Years for Stealing a Snickers Bar
2000-04-03 23:52:09

Brain-Dead Judge Watch
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A man in Texas received a 16 year prison sentence for stealing a Snickers candy bar. On previous occasions he had stolen a bag of Oreos and a tool box.

Hoping to avoid a potential crime wave of chocolate bar thefts, the Tyler, Texas Assistant District Attorney Jodi Brown felt she had no choice but to bump up a minor misdemenor into a full-blown felony charge. After all, she joked, it was a KING-SIZE candy bar.

Har dee har har. Gotta love that Texas cop sense of humor.

If you're interested in contacting the Texas Court of Appeals and strongly encouraging them to take a look at this case, they can be reached at (512)463-1551.

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