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Federal Intrusion Detection Network
1999-11-05 07:31:35

Coincidence? ...Or Enemy Action?
I think I've learned everything I know worth knowing from "Quincy."
-- Mr. Bad


On August 7, 1999, President Clinton issued an Executive Order establishing a Working Group on Unlawful Conduct on the Internet. The Group would prepare recommendations about the need for "new technology tools, capabilities or legal authorities" to successfully prosecute violations of the law, including the illegal sale of guns, explosives, controlled substances and prescription drugs, as well as fraud and child pornography.

What's more, he just gave the committee a few months to produce a report, leading some to speculate that the recommendations in the to-be-released report have already been written.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is holding a panel discussion on this event at Stanford University on Tuesday, November 9th. The panel will be moderated by New York Times coorespondent John Markoff. The panel will be examing all sides of the issue, not just the blantantly paranoid angles that we love to cover here at Pigdog.

Pigdog staffers will be there, providing Total Coverage.

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