Burn them ALL! ALL of THEM!


Penny for the Guy?
1999-11-02 12:22:30

Coincidence? ...Or Enemy Action?
You are hereby absolved of the curse, my son. Go ye and fornicate freely.
-- That One


Friday, November 5 is Guy Fawkes Day! Crazy! Go out NOW and burn this crazy 17th-century anarchist in EFFIGY!

Guy Fawkes was, like, this GUY who tried to blow up Parliament and the House of Lords and Buckingham Palace and all the leaders of England back in 1605. He was stopped by good ol' Limey common sense and know how and stuff, and to this day his HEINOUS DEEDS are remembered in England and its former colonies by burning the poor bastard in effigy every year on Nov 5.

The site below gives information about Guy Fawkes, his devious cohorts and their nefarious plans. *I* find it fascinating because Guy Fawkes Day happens to coincide with the fabulous Burn All GIFs event this year! Crazy! Both involve effigy-burning and attacks on democracy! And if Guy Fawkes's middle name was "Ivan," then his initials would be "GIF"! Isn't that INSANE?

I'm concerned about the coincidence here. Wheels within wheels, man! But I like that there's a holiday we can glom onto for GIF-burning festivities. Go burn a GIF on Friday to punish the evil GUY! Huzzah!

[Thanks to 'Tricky' Rick Moen for pointing out the eery Guy Fawkes-GIF connection.]

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