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I Don't Feel Any Safer
2002-07-27 11:29:50

i'd rather be in a straightjacket than have to take this shit.
-- rotten elf


A woman is suing Delta Airlines for publicly humiliating her after a vibrator she bought in Las Vegas started buzzing in her luggage.

Not the actual vibrator

A security team escorted her out of the plane and forced her to open her bag on the tarmac in full view of several Delta employees and everyone on one side of the plane. After removing the vibrator and holding it aloft for all to see, the woman was allowed to repack the bag and re-board the aircraft, much to the amusement of everyone watching with the exception of the woman herself.

The woman contends that the plane would have been just as secure if she'd been allowed to unpack her bag in a less public area.

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