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Naked Thousands Invade Canada
2001-05-28 00:53:54

The Nekkid Truth
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-- Trevor "Fuckhead" Johnson


Naked! Naked! Thousands of Canadians got naked yesterday. You wanna see the pictures?

I've written articles about Canada's sex-obsessed culture, but this is pretty cool. A 34-year-old photographer expected 300 people to show up for the shoot -- and instead, over 2,000 Canadians converged on Montreal, ready to take their clothes off.

Click here to see hundreds of naked people! Here's a closer shot of over a hundred naked people lying in tiers on a series of a steps. Several dozen more curled beneath a Canadian flag. They lay their bodies down in the chilly Canadian air, skin against cement.

Incidentally, Canada is also the home of the naked newscasters behind my favorite all-naked web newscast. At this rate the U.S. will be in danger of running a Nudity Gap. When the same photographer tried a public photo shoot of nudity in New York City, armed police officers arrested him.

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