Naked in the Park
2000-09-17 19:27:14

The Nekkid Truth
If you think fertilized eggs are people but refugee kids aren't, you're going to have to stop pretending your concerns are religious.


In a downtown park, two dozen people stripped naked. Fifty random onloookers circled, gawking. And the police were nowhere in sight...

In fact, informed earlier of their disrobing intentions, a police officer simply left the scene, pedalling away in his shorts, on a bike -- because this was Berkeley, California. Which puts the whole thing in perspective. The nudes were part of the "breast visibility movement" -- and the event was the 9th annual Nude and Breast Freedom Parade.

"Parade" is probably the wrong word, though. 6 women and 18 men stripped naked in a secluded, shady corner of People's Park. A gangly man with bushy hair circled the gathering crowd while ringing bells, nodding his head, and saying "howdy, howdy." And then it began -- an eerie huddle that was part activism, part ritual. The naked people formed a circle, facing in, and lifted their arms over their heads while one recited polemic poetry. "We celebrate the beauty of the body, and the beauty of the liberation of the body from boring fashion and repressive social standards..." A silent crowd stared as he continued his blissed out rhetoric about loving the planet and gushing "live air" from your lungs...

There were a variety of naked bodies -- women and men of different sizes and shapes, and even two men in wheelchairs. One portly middle-aged man had a mohawk, glasses, and a claw tattoo across his chest. But fans of nudity were probably disappointed. By huddling in a circle, the participants had simply formed a giant ring of asses.

A handful of activists have been keeping this movement going for years. Berkeley originally had no prohibition on nudity, and as the city council attempted to enact one, Berkeley residents continued challenging it. Meanwhile, they went about their lives. One of the nudists now also draws psychedelic paintings of couples making love.

Today's demonstration of nudity raises the question: what fashions should be enforced in a public space? Is it really an issue you want to devote a Sunday afternoon to challenging?

24 people in Berkeley say yes.

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