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New Bush sex scandal
2001-01-11 15:53:59

Bush Family Hijinx
We don't need brow sweating ogres like you coming on here, in a frenzy of chicken lust and cocaine jitters, attacking everyone like some kind of 400 pound, hopped up Truman Capote.
-- Ratsnatcher


If the Bush family had a family reunion, guess who they'd have to invite. Here's a hint. They're serving a seven-year prison term for sex with a minor.

Not only did this Bush relative have sex with the minor -- twice. That minor then fathered two of her children. Yes, I'm talking about Mary Kay Letourneau.

The Bush family is rife with sex offenders. Jeb Bush's son committed sexual misconduct with a minor naked from the waist down, according to several newspapers citing a police report. And that was just three months ago. Voters are discovering that they can't throw a dimpled chad without hitting a Bush family sex scandal. The sister of Jeb Bush's wife? She's married to Letourneau's brother.

Many voters already believe members of the Bush family flout the law if it gets them what they want. Apparently, that also applies to underage booty.

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