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Bush Son Naked with a Minor
2000-11-17 22:25:37

Bush Family Hijinx
My fits of Joy are soiled by relentless flashbacks and ghosts too foul to name
-- HST


She was naked from the waist down. He was naked from the waist down. And his uncle George is now 400 votes away from being the next President of the United States.

Jeb Bush's son was found committing "sexual misconduct" in the back seat of a car in Tallahassee, according to published reports. Florida police officers phoned the Governor of Florida about his frisky son, but the girl's parents didn't want to press charges -- and neither did the Governor.

That was October 8 -- yet the embarrassing details were apparently kept from the public for a crucial two months. It took a newspaper in London -- the London Daily Mail -- to discover the Florida police officer's report, according to a San Francisco columnist.

Whether it's Governor George Bush sniffing cocaine and driving drunk, or his nephew committing what for anyone else would be statutory rape, the rich and influential apparently get a free pass from the media. Half-naked teens are discovered by the cops, a report is filed -- but the Republican scandal is covered up? While I'm all for reckless sex in public places, why didn't Congressmen sic Kenneth Starr on the punk?

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