The Three Incestuous Sisters
2006-06-26 10:41:46

Art Fux
You've been smoking too much pot and reading too much RAW, Mr. Hagbard Celine Dion.
-- Ratsnatcher


What's this I spy in the "new fiction" section? Why, it's "The Three Incestuous Sisters!"

It's a new "novel in pictures" which I'm appreciating for purely artistic reasons. Edward Gorey-like aqua-tints depict scenes from a gothic melodrama. There's romance, jealousy, death, and renewal. And glorious incestuous-sister nudity!

"Back in 1985, I had this dream about these three women with really long hair," remembers the artist, "sitting in a room not speaking to each other."

"In the dream, I knew that they were these three incestuous sisters and I woke up and I was like, 'Whoa. That was weird.'" She started thinking about who they could be, and what would happen to them. Fourteen years later - art!

Ghosts! Dead lighthouse keepers! Sisters behaving badly! Murder by firecracker! The disturbing pageantry of distance, loss, and re-connection only hints at incest, but the story does include telepathicly invading a gestating womb.

Move over, "Little House on the Prarie." It's a whole new literary trend. Maybe Tom Wolfe can write a new book. "I am Charlotte Simmons' Incestuous Lesbian Twin Sister."

Check it out yourself!

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