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I've Seen Dead People
2003-03-09 21:40:19

Art Fux
I wonder if every city press club has an adjoining whiskey-soaked flophouse?
-- Mr. Bad


I've just came back after second viewing (first being abortive, due to a friend keeling over) of Gunter von Hagen's plastinated flesh circus. Plastination is about substituting water in cadaver tissues by solvent-borne monomer, and then polymerizing in situ. Peachy-clean.

Von Hagen originally wanted to pull off the same public autopsy gig he did in London. The city of Munich -- well known by it's world-openness, world-class breweries and Adolf Hitler -- sued. So did Gunter.

No public autopsy, but at least a plastinate exhibition; with some exponats randomly modified/veiled. The rider on the rearing horse showcasing his own and the equine's brain was veiled in gold plastic foil, citing Neue Deutsche Welle's "Ich bin der Goldene Reiter" but for the sexy naked hoove exposed, the exploded-view basketball player was not allowed to retain his basket ball. The langurous pregnant woman and the hydra-headed camel went unaffected. "We'll fuck with you just because we can, so pucker up and learn to enjoy it, bitch" should be the city motto.

But I digress.

The plastinates were rather sterile -- no wet glistening dripping body-juice message, no smell, all is dry and tidy/clean. Nevertheless it is faintly disturbing to view acres of flayed, exploded-view flesh, however tidily presented. Lots of young people, but for a few admirable exceptions, very few oldsters.

Alcor would have had a field day selling at that place.

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