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Here's A Good Reason To Use Microsoft Software
2001-09-07 00:02:05

Art Fux
Never trust a German to give you advice on what operating system you should use. Just remember what operating system they tried to get the world to use last time.
-- Flesh


Here's a challenge: this site is looking for creative minds to make images using nothing but MS Paint.

This is one of the best ideas I've seen in a long time, and it just might be worth firing up MSPaint to meet the challenge. Only problem is, I'm not confident I'm up to the challenge. Yikes! I mean, what can you do with Paint?

Likely that some wise guy is gonna make some super stuff and put the entire rest of the world to shame as we hide behind our Wacom tablets and Alien Skin filter packages. I can just smell the humiliation getting ready to dump its nasty load on me.

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