Invisible porn stars
2000-12-10 14:38:51

Art Fux
The more I think about religion and people and everything that we have and have done, the more I'm convinced we're just monkeys with sticks.
-- Ragboy


What do invisible people look like when they're having sex? Wait! This isn't a joke....

Artist Jon Haddock culls pornographic digital pictures from the internet -- then digitally removes the people. "What's left is empty rooms with a faintly tawdry air," writes the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's art critic, "cheap furniture with indentations in the cushions. The results are oddly affecting, as if ghosts engaging in carnal acts left traces to tantalize us."

Two American art galleries displayed the mind-fucking photos in 1999. Is it making a statement, imagining a sad world where naked people can't be seen or displayed? Variously titled "Internet Sex Project," or simply "Not There," the pictures are just part of a series of exhibits questioning the way meaningful subjects get represented by mainstream culture. "Haddock also makes tiny, creepy stage sets with toy people on them," the Seattle Post's art critic notes, "each famous to anyone following the crime news in the last decade." But the digital representations of assassinations and military represession are mixed with images taken from the mass media. Rodney King, Mary Poppins. Jack Ruby, The Sound of Music.

Pigdog's Johnnie Royale suggested the alternate title, "When Sims Go Bad." Seeing a 72 dpi represention of Ted Kaczynski's cabin blurs the line between news and creation, while another line is emphasized with the "Internet Sex Project." Pornographic pictures without the people are eerie -- yet nudity is precluded by law from our public television networks. Is it the images that are disturbing, or the world they represent?

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