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I am become GAR, destroyer of worlds!
-- Baron Earl


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Ragboy, Ragboy, Wutchyagonna Do?
So, this dude robs a bank yesterday two blocks from my office in broad daylight and walks out with some worth of loot. There's choppers all over the place and more pork than a N. Carolina barbeque. And guess what? They don't find him.


Bubble Boy No More!
In 1976, the world knew nothing about severe combined immunodeficiency, boys in fish tanks, or even John Travolta. But one movie changed all that.


Godzilla Destroys Bass Brothers, Ft. Worth in ShitStorm Crazy Orgy
Okay, so I know the "official" statement out of my birthplace is that there was a "tornado", but I have the "inside" scoop on the whole Ft. Worth "incident." My "sister" works in downtown Ft. Worth, and according to her, and a few other "unnamed sources," Godzilla got in a Tizzy Fit and destroyed downtown. As to why this happened, well, that's a long story...


The Insipid Underbelly of SXSW
South by Southwest is the DEFINITION of a sellout alterno-entity that collapses under its own weight. Our man RAGBOY, chief of Pigdog Ranger Station One (Austin, TX), gives us a blow-by-blow of the weird side underbellies and crazy hair farmers that make SXSW the weird craziness it is. Beaujolais!


Natural Law is Coming!
These guys are cool! Better life through Transcendental Meditation. Gotta problem with crack? Meditate, bro. Thinking about abortion? Enliven your unified field.


Money for Almost Nothin
You've played Angband and Rouge and all those netty fantasy games, but check this out. Can you SELL your stuff on the open market? I'm not talking about to other MUD geeks for bits of virtual gold, but to REAL GEEKS for REAL MONEY. You can if you play Ultima Online or Everquest.


Bad night to be a Protestant Ninja
Picture this, you're a ninja practicing your craft at Devil's Hopyard State Park. It's dark, your fellow ninjas are into whatever zen poetry hack and slash routine ninjas go through. Suddenly, you see a big flamin' demon sitting on a fence post calling your name.

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From the nation that brought you the Walkman...
Wonder if it's wash and wear or dry clean only...

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