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Man, what a shitty week I am having... grumpy doesn't even begin to describe my mood. Chachi, say something stupid so I can yell at you.
-- Johnnie Royale


WARNING! Do not give WHISKEY to this KITTY HAWK! Bad Craziness will doubtlessly ENSUE and you will SUFFER GRIEVIOUS REPERCUSSIONS! You have been WARNED.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Wretched Canadians Are Up To No Good, Again!
The sneaky maple leaf government, under the innocent guise of public art, is trying to spread its kinky brand of perversion through out the Free World!! Starting with it's own Parisian Culture Centre, in the Heart of Darkness...PARIS, FRANCE!


Pigdog Journal Second Annual Christmas Essay Contest SECOND PRIZE WINNER
Huzzah! A second prize winner in our fabuloso Pigdog Journal Second Annual Christmas Essay Contest! This one is from our VERY OWN Ms. Bunnypenny! Wee haw!


Attack of the Bugs with GLOWING GREEN EYES!!
It's true!! It's true!! The Germans are Bad People, almost as rotten as the British! The proof is in the SCIENCE! German "scientists" have discovered a way to genetically attach glowing jellyfish goo to bug DNA, creating FRANKENBUGS!! Bugs with GLOWING GREEN EYES!!


U.S. Embassy in Denmark Attacked!!
Who says Denmark is a cute little country? A cute little country that breeds terrorists?? Huh? Okay, well not really. Actually this is just a case of Americans being dumb again. Sigh.


Crazy African Bug Shoots Acid Out of It's Arse!!
Hey, so this isn't news or anything, but this crazy bug called the African bombardier beetle shoots Burning Hot Acid out of it's ASS with sooper dooper accuracy!!


Pigdog Disco Jackets of the Future!!
Spock Mountain Research Labs' crack team of hillbilly scientists was given a very special assignment to "test-drive" a crazy new technology that only we could handle. Each volunteer was issued a lab coat OF THE FUTURE and sent out to party like it was 1999!


Bing Crosby Music Used to Torture Teenagers!!
Geez, it's hard to be a Bad Kid these days, everyone is out to get ya in one way or another!


Outrage!! Vicious Squirrel Attack on MY CITY!!!
Damn those Squirrels! This is a direct attack against humankind, as well as my city, Swingin' El Cerrito, in the beautiful Bay Area.


Study Says: Sniff Old Lady Armpits to Make You Feel REAL GOOD!!
Okay, so what kind of SICK scientists came up with a study like this one?? Don't these people have anything better to do?!!


Kooky Chinese Use Condoms As Balloons!
Boy, you sure have to hand it to the Chinese when it comes to fun! China has taken our prophylactic technology and moved it one step further...


British Plot Against America: Squirrel Domination!
The British are notorious for being nutty. Not only do they have bad teeth, but they have a strange love for squirrels. We here at Pigdog KNOW the evil that lurks in the hearts of _all_ squirrels, and we have diligently reported on their many vicious, hateful and blood thirsty crimes against humanity!


Amazing True Life Parallel to Burt Reynolds Film!
So, does anyone remember that Burt Reynolds movie where he plays an old fat retired safe cracker who comes out of retirement for one last heist? He takes this young dirtbag type under his wing as an apprentice to his "art" and later they rob some weird carnival...

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Horny Unicorn Lovers
And once you're all HOT and BOTHERED for Unicorns git yerself some ACTION!


Mini Pet Sqrats!
Yay! Miniature pet sqrat-skunko creatures for all my friends!!


Karaoke Shakespeare!!
Retarded Brits Introduce: Karaoke Shakespeare!!


SpaceGhost Rocks!!
Is There Anyone Who Doesn't Know Yet That SpaceGhost Rocks Like New Socks?!




BBC: Porn brokers go public
Porn brokers go public

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