We need more maniacs.
-- Ratsnatcher



WARNING! Do not give WHISKEY to this KITTY HAWK! Bad Craziness will doubtlessly ENSUE and you will SUFFER GRIEVIOUS REPERCUSSIONS! You have been WARNED.

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2000-02-17 Wretched Canadians Are Up To No Good, Again!
1999-12-26 Pigdog Journal Second Annual Christmas Essay Contest SECOND PRIZE WINNER
1999-11-29 Attack of the Bugs with GLOWING GREEN EYES!!
1999-09-20 U.S. Embassy in Denmark Attacked!!
1999-08-20 Crazy African Bug Shoots Acid Out of It's Arse!!
1999-07-12 Pigdog Disco Jackets of the Future!!
1999-07-08 Bing Crosby Music Used to Torture Teenagers!!
1999-07-04 Outrage!! Vicious Squirrel Attack on MY CITY!!!
1999-07-01 Study Says: Sniff Old Lady Armpits to Make You Feel REAL GOOD!!
1999-06-18 Kooky Chinese Use Condoms As Balloons!
1999-06-16 British Plot Against America: Squirrel Domination!
1999-06-13 Amazing True Life Parallel to Burt Reynolds Film!


Offsite Links

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2000-05-05 Horny Unicorn Lovers
And once you're all HOT and BOTHERED for Unicorns git yerself some ACTION!
2000-05-05 If you LOVE Unicorns
2000-03-24 Mini Pet Sqrats!
Yay! Miniature pet sqrat-skunko creatures for all my friends!!
2000-03-23 Is that a snake in your pants, or...
2000-02-19 Karaoke Shakespeare!!
Retarded Brits Introduce: Karaoke Shakespeare!!
2000-02-19 SpaceGhost Rocks!!
Is There Anyone Who Doesn't Know Yet That SpaceGhost Rocks Like New Socks?!
2000-01-12 Perverted Brits Have Created Deadly "FRANKEN-TATER-CHIPS!!"
1999-09-26 So, these Russian Journalist Guys are Pretty Funny! Or Maybe It's Just the Vodka I'm Drinking!
1999-09-26 Hey Y'All, Check Out Disaster News Network, Because You Never Know When You Might Be In Need of A Disaster!!
1999-09-14 Stupid Brits Say Buy Now! Electrocute Your Brain!!
1999-08-06 British Survey says Students Like to Get Drunk and Fuck more than Study! (Gee, thats a suprise!)
1999-08-06 World's Oldest Goldfish Has Kicked the Bucket!! Tish the Fish Dead at 43!
1999-08-04 World's Largest Penis Flower Blooms with Scent of Rotting Flesh!!
1999-08-03 Hey Kids! Lets go visit the DEA's new Drug Museum!! Yay!
1999-08-03 Leonardo DiCaprio is Trademarking His Name..Loser!!
1999-08-03 Bad Crackers Hack Symantec (Norton Anti-Virus) Web Site!! Hahaha.
1999-07-15 Japanese Invent World's Tiniest Robot!! (Next they'll wire it to a rats brain!)
1999-07-12 NandoTimes: Here comes the bride, formerly the groom, and vice versa!
1999-07-12 Stupid Brits Vote Star Wars as Best Movie Ever!
1999-07-12 World Database of Happiness!!
1999-07-09 Weird Hungarian NetChicken Site!
1999-07-09 SquirrelCAM!!
1999-07-09 NY Mayor Giuliani is a Big Hypocrite!! Find the Evidence at TheSmokingGun!!
1999-07-08 Silly "feelie" Mouse Goes on Sale in September.
1999-07-08 Colombia's Ugly Pageant!! You can check out the contestants!
1999-07-08 SETI@home Hacked with Stupid ALF picture!!
1999-06-29 Timothy Leary was informant rat for The Man!!!
1999-06-28 Pulque! POOL-kay! Yay! Cactus beer for all my friends!!
1999-06-28 Russian's build goofy looking flying saucer for world to laugh at!
1999-06-21 Robot Arm Wired to RAT's Brain!!
1999-06-20 TELETUPSUD? Estonian Teletubbies!!
1999-06-18 Dead People Server!
1999-06-18 Study Proves It: East Germans Drive Like Hillbillies!!
1999-06-15 Catholic Saint of the Internet!
1999-06-15 Poisonous Coca-Cola!!
1999-06-12 Nutty BBC Millennium Dome Cam!
1999-06-12 Giant Space Disco Ball!!
1999-06-11 Webcam Nets Nessie?!!
1999-06-09 Big Fat Man Forklifted to Hospital!
1999-06-08 BBC: Needle found in baby's kidney
1999-06-08 BBC: Porn brokers go public
Porn brokers go public



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