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Hold the conference in France: you can drink alcohol publicly, even near a school, you can piss on the street, you can argue with cops, you can teach Darwin's theory of evolution and you can have sex in public places.
-- Stephane Bortzmeyer

Mr. Bad, Arkuat, Thom Stark, and Baron Earl

The four-headed beast of the apocolypse.

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Free Dmitry Sklyarov - March on Adobe!
Dmitry Sklyarov wrote a clever piece of software which showed that the encryption system used by Adobe software doesn't protect anyone's confidential information. Rather than fix the problem with their software Adobe chose to have Mr. Sklyarov arrested under a provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which makes it a crime to demonstrate flaws in copyright protection schemes.

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GNUPG! You need to get some ENCRYPTION, BUB.

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