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Situationist. Heh heh heh heh heh. Damn, doesn't the _idea_ of being a "Situationist" just crack you up?
-- Mr. Bad

Michael Bakunin

Bakunin was born of an aristocratic family in the village of Pryamukhino (Прямухино) between Torzhok (Торжок) and Kuvshinovo (Кувшиново), in Tver guberniya, northwest of Moscow, in the spring of 1814. At the age of 14 he left for St. Petersburg where he was given military training at the Artillery University. On completion of his studies in 1832, he was commissioned as a junior officer in the Russian Imperial Guard and sent to Minsk and Gardinas, Lithuania (now Belarus). Though his father wished him to continue in either the military or civil service, Bakunin abandoned both in 1835 and fled to Moscow, where he hoped to pursue the study of philosophy.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2008-02-18 DNS censored
It's not prior restraint, because you can just memorize


...and people wonder why I counsel against bombing
A DynCorp security employee watches over the A.E.F. destroying poppy fields in Uruzgan.


It can't happen here
John Yoo has my undying respect. Anyone who can make John Ashcroft into a defender of liberty is an evil genius of the first order.


A little Haldol for the road?
If Homeland Security didn't keep shooting Haldol in my ass, I might be a better person.


C'mon, the cossacks work for the czar
I am offensive to the point of insulting. I am chief of staff to the Deputy Attorney General. I have taken a personal leave from the Justice Department!


The chicken story
So I go to CVS to buy the personal lubricant, for the chicken..


..but at the border they told me this was a free country.
George W. Bush: glorify his name or we'll steal your luggage.


Brown is the new black
..because if you wear black, the FBI will detain and question you. Seriously. No joke.


A free press is annoying
..but if we show you these documents we will be embarrassed when you discover how tiny our weenies are.


Kafka lives
What kind of asshat gets a boner reading Kafka?


You down with OVP?
The Department of Information Retrieval meets the Office of the Vice President.


Yo, I gotcher great writ right here
I miss the days when "Kafkaesque" was a literary adjective.


Start paying cash
Banal, perhaps, but never boring: your Pentagon and her National Security Letters!


“..or upon attorney general authorization.”
The wiretapping in the army, they say is mighty fine..



Staring at my sandals - that's a paddling
That's it.. taser me there.. mm.. right there.. uh.. that's the spot.. oh.. taser me again, baby!


A True Story of Lies
The CIA are not the good guys.


Gum arabic plus carbonated beverage == art
Anyone can dump a couple of Mentos into a 2-liter of Diet Coke for fun. It takes sheer genius to turn it into artistry.


Holy mother of poo
Mm, monkey chow. Or rather, mm, ZuPreem Primate Dry Diet Animal Food.

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I'm so bored with the P.S.C.
For daring to report illegal arms sales, Navy veteran Donald Vance says he was imprisoned by the American military in a security compound outside Baghdad and subjected to harsh interrogation methods.


The Curious Vacuum Cleaner in Rm. 641A
The address is 611 Folsom Street in downtown San Francisco. To be more precise, it’s in a tightly guarded, access restricted room: Room 641A. There’s a loud sucking sound coming out of this room. It’s the sound of the United States Constitution going down a rat hole.


Holy poo, this is getting ugly
Whether plaintiffs were subjected to surveillance is a state secret, and information tending to confirm or deny that fact is privileged.


I'm Still Here
My name is Abdur Sayed Rahman. Abdur Zahid Rahman was the deputy foreign minister of the Taliban. I was taken to this camp and they began to interrogate me. An American told me I was wrongfully taken and in a couple of days I would be free. I never saw this American again. I'm still here.


Fuck religion
Stuff like this makes me want to believe in hell, which is not what an atheist likes.



Now that's a freaking resignation letter
If you must be a whore, go out with class.


Holy mother of fuck, the FBI are weenies
Yes, that's right -- if you notice that you're being followed and head to the police to report it, the FBI following you will arrest you, ignore the assistant DA's instructions not to charge you, and stash you in jail for half a week. For, er, nothing. 'Cuz they suck. Weenies.


France is burning, explained
Everything you always wanted to know about les banlieues populaires but were afraid to ask.

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