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I'm pretty sure that the FAA prohibits planes from flying into skyscrapers.
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Women arrested in Moscow for not speaking
A woman in Moscow speaks to a cameraman. "I'd like to ask your opinion," she says, "If I could just say two words." She then holds up a sign that literally says "Two Words" and before she can finish the sentence "Am I going to get arrested for this?" she is hauled off by five police in full body armor to a nearby police vehicle the size of a school bus.


All Quiet on the Eastern Font
In the days leading up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine there was a lot of speculation in the media that Russia would launch cyberattacks against Ukraine and any other countries that were helping Ukraine. Although some researchers dismissed such speculation as a lot of hype, one thing is becoming pretty obvious: There are a lot of web sites down right now -- Russian and Belarus web sites.


Want to help bypass Putin's news blockade and talk directly to real Russians? A Norwegian computer programmer has set up a site that allows you to send up to 150 emails from your own email account to random email addresses inside of Russia. You can send them whatever information you want, bypassing Russian information blockades.

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