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I'm really pissed at NASA.... I'm also really drunk.
-- Johnnie Royale

'Tricky' Rick Moen

It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time

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World-Famous Linux Nest to Close (Sadly)
For the past three-odd years, WAN/LAN consultant Richard Couture has operated the CoffeeNet, a 100% Linux-based Internet cafe, at 744 Harrison near Third Street, San Francisco. Today is its last day of operation at the current location. (If you want to visit, do so before today's 2 PM closing time.)


More Canadista BULLSHIT!!!
Hot on the heels of the previous Canadista story comes the discovery of another PRO-CANADIA FANATIC CELL on the Web! This is what the CDA was for, people! To keep CANADIAN EXTREMISTS from polluting our infosphere.

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Canadia Kill Count
Survived Half-Life? Fragged your way through Quake 3? OK, you might be ready to help save humanity from Canadians, the ultimate horror.

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