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Our Wacky Women and "That Time of the Month"
In my never-ending search for bizarre anecdotes and very strange statistics, I've uncovered some astounding facts about "That Time of the Month" that you may not know about.


Shitty Food Looks Real Bad
One thing that everybody knows is that real shitty food looks gross. In an effort to prove that self-evident truism, Web guy James Lileks took the time to digitize and publish a lot of pictures of real bad food from third-rate cookbooks, adding his own captions along the lines of "This food is GROSS" and "What a disgusting pile of SHIT!" Yeah, it sounds kind of dumb and juvenile, but, HELL, so are we, and The Gallery of Regrettable Food gave us some pretty decent belly laughs.


Peeping Tom Squirrel!
Squirrels are no longer content to simply damage property and brutalize people--now they are stooping to more insidious, less overt forms of terrorism, such as voyeurism and MIND CONTROL. The Jenny Jones Show web site exposes a bizarre case of a preverted squirrel ruining the sex life of an innocent young couple...


Harvey Keitel is a Fucker!
Harvey Keitel is crazy! And kind of a gross dirtbag, too. Check out this Method-acting horror story on!


Yuppie Pig Tries To Buy Barbie on Internet
Look at this fiend who's offering $10,000 to anyone who will get him a bride. She must have the following attributes: "very attractive, brunette or blonde. 24-34, 5'4"-6', 110-135 lbs." AKA: Skinny with big tits. He'll give money to someone who's pimping a woman out, but not to the woman herself...

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