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The sun is my enemy. It must be extinguished.
-- Flesh

Uncle Mojo

Your greatest ally or your worst enemy

Uncle Mojo is a cypher, a riddle, a piece of a puzzle you'll never complete; the last piece will always get eaten by a dog or chewed by a small child: give up. Uncle Mojo is the phone number you wrote on a small slip of paper and then lost when you took out the recycling. Uncle Mojo is the mysterious process of bubbles falling to the bottom of a glass of Guinness. Uncle Mojo is the sound of a V-Twin engine blasting away into the night, waking up your daughter and your sheep. Uncle Mojo knows where you hide your sheep. Uncle Mojo ate the last slice of pizza and he's not apologizing. -Frankenstein Jones

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It's Only A Northern Song
In a remote corner of Alaska, there is an Island. On that Island, a band is in the process of brewing up their own particular strain of mutant music. Recently, a member of this band contacted us with the most deadly question a musician can ask a rock journalist: “What do you think of our stuff?” Here’s the reply:

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