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Perfectly legal explosions are just NO FUN.
-- Master Squid

The Compulsive Splicer

The S to the P to the L-I-C-E!
ALL the fly LADIES wanna get with ME
See my 'do with the goo and my shirt's VERSA-CHEE?
Got the FREAKS on my JOCK cause I makes em HORN-EE!

Yo yo yo yo! Splice Dawg in da HOUSE, bay-bee! Word-up, BOYEEE! Keepin' it real, because that's what Pigdog's all about! I wanna shout out to my homies in the Pigdawg Krew and my Paroxysm Posse, too. Peace out! Selah.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Waiting for the Flood
"Do you believe that the Republicans even control the weather now?"


Martian Dust-Up
Something's happening on Mars, visible with even a small store-bought telescope. But NASA isn't saying what.


Of Course He Lied
There’s a lot of hullabaloo right now over whether President George W. Bush and his administration lied to the American people about the evidence that Saddam Hussein had or was actively trying to obtain weapons of mass destruction, specifically ABC (Atomic, Biological, or Chemical) weaponry. To this I can only say, "Read his lips: he's a Republican."


So Sue Me
Sometimes fighting someone way bigger is a coward's trick. Case in point: SCO vs IBM. Now Splicer is an outlaw.


Rachel Corrie Remembered
Sometimes we have to see ugliness in order to appreciate the beauty. Or is it that only by seeing beauty can we know horror?


Would You Like a Nice Slice of Pi, Boy?
This is about the damn funnest website I've come across all year. Granted, it's only the second of January, but it's still pretty damn fun in its way.


Reality Has Gone Out On Strike
Of course the media can be trusted to tell you what you believe.


Israelis Oblivious to Godwin's Law
Over the past few weeks the Israeli press and government spokespeople have repeatedly reminded the world of the parallels between Europe of the 1930s and the modern Western world.


Have Sex? Get Stoned!
Wait, isn't that out of order?


New World has Own, Strange Colloquialisms
This fascinating article from the 1883 Chambers's Encyclopedia provides a snapshot of late nineteenth-century British fascination with things American.


Adobe Nabbed for Piracy!
After playing the heavy on piracy issues all over the place, Adobe has been barred from distributing or selling InDesign 1.5 because it contains.... unlicensed software!


The Catholic Church: Keeping Abreast
You can't live in—or even visit—San Francisco without seeing a large pyramid-like building in the skyline. Many don't know that it's actually a Catholic cathedral. But even fewer suspect the source of this building's power: RAW FEMALE SEXUALITY.


Look Out! Giant Cockroaches!
Just what you wanted to know: roaches have been on this planet since way before the dinosaurs.


My Loser-Fu is Unstoppable!
Kaiser denied me health insurance. Bring on the cascading bummers!


PDJ: 10 Years of No Intelligent Life
Pigdog Journal Computers have passed the milestone of 10 years of CPU time working on the SETI at Home project at UC Berkeley.


WTC Plume Visible from Space
It was one thing hearing that the astronauts on the Space Station could see the smoke plume from yesterday's attack on the World Trade Center. It's another to see the photos.


Here's A Good Reason To Use Microsoft Software
Here's a challenge: this site is looking for creative minds to make images using nothing but MS Paint.


Hey, check out my crotch!
Back in the glory days of Silicon Valley, you couldn't be a libertarian hacker without owning a pair of Chi-Pants. Unfortunately, Loma Prieta took out the business and we've all had to wear uncomfortable, restrictive pants since then. Until now!


Don't Think TOO Different, Now
Apple's deep dark secret: was made with a Macintosh! My goodness, can you really build Web sites with a Mac?


Take Back American Democracy!
The Presidential election this year has shown us one of the biggest flaws in our political system. Any third-grader can tell you that the electoral college is a stupid idea. Now it will bring us a President who won fewer votes than his opponent.


NEWS FLASH! Canadia Now Good!
For some time it may have seemed as though it were Pigdog Journal editorial policy that Canadia is Bad. Considering that this is the Online Handbook for Bad People of the Future, some of us aren't sure if that's a Bad thing. Or a Good thing. Or... whatever.


Wish I'd Been There To See It, Part II
I'm so proud of my almost-kinda home town of Branford, CT. They've found the best way to combat the encroachment of corporate chains into a small town—an act of God.


If I Only Had a Brain
These brave entrepreneurs have cornered an e-commerce market niche I never would have dreamed of.


Wish I'd Been There To See It
Disregarding the law is all well and good, but you know, sometimes common sense should tell you to just read the signs, you know?


Who built the Sphinx anyway?
Egyptological "conventional wisdom" says that the Sphinx was built by the same folks that brought you the pyramids. Not everyone agrees.


Student Writes to Putin, Loses Graduation Honors
Remember back in like 1980 when some little girl in Maine wrote a letter to Leonid Brezhnev asking him to help end the Cold War? This is nothing like that.


Night of the Living Dead OS
Won't the Ameager ever DIE???


I don't wanna know how this turns out
This guy has three "dream girls" that say that they'll have sex with him if his website gets enough hits.


I guess we should all use Winzip now.
The life of Phillip Katz, the creator of PKZip, has come to an unfortunate premature end.


Grab your Scooby Snacks!
Ghost hunters are alive and well and posting their pictures on the Squirreled Wide Web.


Gnutella "Worm" written in... VBScript?
Oooh.... so there's a scary Gnutella worm out there giving nasty warning messages to Gnutella users. Eeeek! Scary virus like software makes me afraid to turn on my computer!


City Found Under Water
Divers off the shore of Egypt have found the ruins of a city under 20 feet of water.


Font Porn
Now this is something I never thought I'd live to see: porno typography!


Don't Think and Drive
We just can't do ANYTHING anymore.


Fight the Dominant Species!
Are you aware that there is another form of life on this planet that's more powerful than humanity and which is looking to enslave us? They walk in our midst without our knowledge and they corrupt our minds with our permission! This next step in human evolution already controls most of the governments of the world and has been instrumental in overthrowing the governments that have resisted their influence. You have a chance to open your eyes to the coming invasion of... homo corporatem!


There's a new star in town...
Yup, some good-old fashioned New England astronomers picked out a naked-eye visible nova a few days back. So what if some guy in Portugal saw it first? Well, at least it's not a comet heading this way.


How Did We Miss This?
Sun Microsystems has purchased black horse software maker Star Division and is giving StarOffice away for free with the source.


Where's Pigdog?
Pigdog has been uncharacteristically quiet lately. The regular voices that keep the site abuzz have fallen still. Where are the erstwhile champions of free speech? Normally it's hard to get them to shut up.


Sad But True
Here's the story of a guy who jumped off a roof for art. It's not really a new story, but it might be NEW TO YOU!


Hail, &!
Hey, the ampersand is pretty cool & shit, no doubt. It was only a matter of time before someone devoted some valuable Web real estate to this venerable typographic entity.


IBM Releases New Version of DOS!
After a five-year gap since the release of PC-DOS 7, IBM has announced the next release of the venerable Disk Operating System. These guys just don't know when to quit.


Through Being Cool
Are you cool? Are you unique and individual like the rest of us are?


Camoflage Keyboards
Bored with your plain old beige keyboard and don't have a schmancy seekret black one? Someone else was too, except he had too much time on his hands and got a bit carried away...


Calculators that use 'Verbal' numbers!
Not "verbal" as in spoken, though. This guy has some interesting ideas on how to improve calculators.


Convert Your Model M to a Post-Ban Dvorak
Defend your right to free expression by converting your Model M keyboard to the Dvorak simplified layout! PIGDOG JOURNAL shows you how with step-by-step instructions.


Shrine to the Stars
There's a bunch of people up in the hills of Vermont who build their own telescopes so they can look at the stars. If that's not genuine cyberbilly, I don't know what is.


Join the Junior Carrot Patrol!
Bad People of the Future look up! Your action hero is here!


Buddhist Priest has PROOF of ETI
Yeah, there's scads of UFO nuts out there, but this one's a Buddhist priest, and she's got proof! All that and a letter from the Vice-President.


Those aren't aliens... those are Communists.
Flying Saucers! Government Spies! Commie traitors! Giant killer bees! Romance! Adventure! This one's got 'em all, babie.

Okay, I was kidding about the giant killer bees.


Solex vs. the Pigdog
Pigdog Journal's crack interview team gangs up on avant-garde Dutch musician SOLEX; bad craziness ensues. Yet another fabulous PIGDOG INTERVIEW. For REAL.


Wanna be a Bad Person?
So you wanna be a Bad Person of the Future? Well, we can't make you shift your time frame, but you do have a special opportunity to make yourself BAD. That's right.


Rock For Life
There are some bad people out there, and I don't mean bad in a good way, who think their band will sell more records if it's featured on a web page with a picture of a fetus jamming on guitar.

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