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In a nutshell: We love you. Take some drugs.
-- H. R. Pufenstuf

Paul Vortex

The result of wild night of very kinky sex in a spaceship by passing Grey frat boys on their way to Sirius Prime for spring break and a captured uptight English school marm with a pension for buggery who happened to be alone on a dark country road at just the wrong time, Paul Vortex continually struggles with the natural conflict of being a human trapped in a space alien's body. Abandoned at birth to be raised by a pack of rabid English wild sheep and schooled in the methods of world domination in the mountains of Argentina by the last remaining bands of escaped Nazis, Paul Vortex brings the perfect mix of English passive-aggressiveness and German "urges" to the world of Gonzo Journalism and Bad People of the Future.

Pigdog Journal Articles


UK Government Wants Me DEAD!
Today it emerged that those DUMB BASTARDS in UK Parliament made another Blunder of Big Proportions! They went and bought the wrong vaccine for small pox!


Close Call
It would seem that our Planet narrowly escaped a devastating blow on the 14th of June! An asteroid the size of a football pitch broke the Moon's Orbit and passed a mere 120,000 KM from the Earth!!!


Gravity and Beverages... The Universal equation
Few can deny the wonder it would be, to kick back on a comfortable chair upon the Moon, to cast gaze over the Earth, rising in the Morning sun.

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