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i may outwardly seem like an antiquated mushball, but actually i have superpowers that allow me to control heartstrings and electrical cicuitousness.
-- rotten elf

Pao Tzu

Pigdog Soda
Bad crazyness...
To drink the worst-tasting soda. That's what Pigdog has stood for ever since it was first created as a flavoring for moonshine in Rathead village, Boonebrook county in 1635. Bad crazyness so you can decide who you are and what you drank. There's nothing more Pigdog than that. So, PGP decoder,
Drink pigdog soda.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Owner of 6 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Arrested
Reefer madness or a government fabrication?


Ron Paul Loses, Anarchists Blame Media
Ron Paul has not secured many delegates after spending millions on his Republican campaign. Note that the opinions stated here are mine and not the opinions of the staff.


Google Maps Street View Bypasses the Hood
Today google maps unveiled "street view" which gives you a 360 degree camera angle view of the nice areas of some major cities.

2006-08-22 review
A review of and their new product, delicious library.


War on Terror produces excess inventory of doomsday ready laptops
The War on Terror has resulted in a rush of new technology useful to the general population.


Software Piracy, Millenium Edition
Counterfeit software and the Russian mafia. Is WGA a myth?


Protest prompts George W. Bush to step down from office
San Francisco comes alive with protest on November 2nd, 2005.


Homies - figurines, submachine gunning fun.
Homies, 8-ball, cholo, gata puta... the homies is straight collectifyin'


Bin Laden Hybrid SUV
Car technology reaches a new height with the introduction of the fuel efficient, two-seater, Bin Laden Hybrid SUV.


Diabolical anti-American diatribe
Armed with drooling end-user software, Canadistas are dirtying the internet with anti-American / pro-Canadian web filth.


Radical Islam Websites. News about Afghanistan & Osama Bin Laden
Pigdog's own paranoid FBI-tracked superuser has researched the web and found the best American-readable radical Islamic websites out there. Read on for the detailed report and feast your eyes+ears on textual and realaudio propaganda.


The cold war thawing
There may not be a hot war yet, but the ice war is surely over, with old political glaciers dumping their contents into the propaganda machine. To add to the mess, I offer up inflammatory words that may make your blue blood bubble.


Ettack on America
As a result of recent terrorist attacks on the world trade center and talks of retribution (AKA WW3), virus coders have found a perfect time to release their latest plague.


Prescription tweeds cashed
It is time to scrape your pipe for that resin glob, looks like Uncle Sam just fucked us over again.


Subspace - aswz
Subspace - the longest running graphical internet game, still poppin.


Gangster Linux
Picture a world in which criminals utilized powerful cryptography to do their everyday business... wouldn't that next ounce be cheaper? How about your RAM?


Quick Napster Fix - Sharesniff
Another Windows program to autohack your neighbor's My Music directory with.


Fuck PG&E, save the Chronic
How to turn California's despised deregulated industry into California's favorite regulated substance.


FCC allows AOL Time Warner buy itself into existence.
As yet another tribute to the worthlessness of American politics, AOL gets a big FCC-style thumbs up to its giant monopoly.


Egghead emails internet hoax frightens millions of users with credit card fraud hoax.


KDE 2 has been released. Go to right now.


Get Elite credits from Process Tree
SETI@Home is not just ay-leen spacecraft anymore. Now you can get PAID in a major way for heatin' up your CPU.


Pigdog on paper
TeX formatted pigdog early release.


Grow better illegal mushrooms than lousy "Psilocybe fanaticus"
Disclaimer: PaoTzu's a1 illegal mushroom cultivation cookbook is meant for educational purposes only. Be aware of the techniques used by hardcore criminals! Protect your children! Read, learn, educate. Do not try this at home.


NetReality 3D Web Browsing
NetReality - A linux OpenGL Web Utility.


40,000 Linux boxes on one machine
IBM is hella down with non-sucky computers.


$0 down electronic enterprise
Learn how to construct your own empire! Like Intel, SGI, etc.


scary daemon processes
The media can even demonize a daemon.


Collecting seed
Informative guide to getting you con-artist business off the ground


Fancy window manager voice control
Kde voice, control kde with a microphone


A Different Shade of Clone
A Blast from the Past! Pao Tzu goes over and under the crucial variables in the production and consumption of Salvia Divinorum. A must read for psychonauts of all stripes.


The Liquidation of Hobo Junction
Albany, CA's homeless hooverville by the Bay, "Hobo Junction," is going to be torn down by The Man. Entrances are already being blocked off, and it's now difficult and dangerous to get there. Worse, these obstacles are making it hard to get to the nearby HORSE TRACK on foot. Local historian, Pao Tzu, has an overview of situation.


Gangster Rap in RealAudio
The people at DogDay records have produced a website featuring RealAudio samples of all of their top artists. If you hate this kind of music, you will like it even less after visiting this site.


Resolution Maximizes Productivity
Pao-Tzu reviews a clinical study of fatigue among workers using various resolution display media.


CB Radio Codes
Do you live in your truck? Did you buy that fancy police scanner at Radio Shack and have no idea what the fuzz is talking about? Never fear, this website has all the confusing CB codes.


Pao Tzu: On The Beat
E. Coli Meets the Internet--This week Pao discusses the newest rage in high-speed networking: organo-servers and bacterial streams.


Pao Tzu: On The Beat
Pigdog Journal Gardening Columnist Pao Tzu describes how to make evil betel-nut concoctions in your own home. Powerful stimulants from an ugly palm tree!!! Nature is so fucking COOL.


Terrible Ordeal -- RealVideo
A flabbergasting multimedia slide show rendition of Pigdog's encounter with mercenary Linux thugs, in evil RealVideo format!


Pao Tzu: San Pedro Mania Part II -- Dissection
Green Thumber, Pao Tzu, explains how to produce "shadow people" and other hallucinations by ruthlessly cutting open your pet cactus plants. Make a mess of your kitchen AND your brain!


Pao Tzu: Obtaining San Pedro Cactus
Horticultural clone master, Pao Tzu, guides you through the ins and outs of stealing hallucinogenic cacti from your neighbors' yards. Ooh la la!


Pagan Christmas
Pao Tzu's Christmas essay comes in a few days late and a few dollars short. But, considering that no one else but he and Lenny submitted essays, he gets the 1st Runner-up prize in the Pigdog Journal Christmas Essay Contest. Sure, it's a travesty of justice, but what can you do?


Pao Tzu
Snow in Berkeley -- It snowed like hell on me last night.


Pao Tzu: On The Beat
Iraq Flashback -- The U.S. has been good at attacking easy targets this year.


Pao Tzu: On The Beat
Investigative Reporter extraordinaire Pao Tzu blows open the lid on an international travesty of justice.

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