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I like this gun.
-- Master Squid


Pao Tzu

Pigdog Soda
Bad crazyness...
To drink the worst-tasting soda. That's what Pigdog has stood for ever since it was first created as a flavoring for moonshine in Rathead village, Boonebrook county in 1635. Bad crazyness so you can decide who you are and what you drank. There's nothing more Pigdog than that. So, PGP decoder,
Drink pigdog soda.

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2008-05-28 Owner of 6 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Arrested
2008-02-06 Ron Paul Loses, Anarchists Blame Media
2007-05-29 Google Maps Street View Bypasses the Hood
2006-08-22 review
2006-08-08 War on Terror produces excess inventory of doomsday ready laptops
2006-02-11 Software Piracy, Millenium Edition
2005-11-05 Protest prompts George W. Bush to step down from office
2005-07-05 Homies - figurines, submachine gunning fun.
2005-06-21 Bin Laden Hybrid SUV
2002-05-28 Diabolical anti-American diatribe
2001-12-09 Radical Islam Websites. News about Afghanistan & Osama Bin Laden
2001-09-26 The cold war thawing
2001-09-20 Ettack on America
2001-05-14 Prescription tweeds cashed
2001-03-25 Subspace - aswz
2001-03-05 Gangster Linux
2001-03-03 Quick Napster Fix - Sharesniff
2001-01-12 Fuck PG&E, save the Chronic
2001-01-12 FCC allows AOL Time Warner buy itself into existence.
2001-01-08 Egghead emails internet hoax
2000-11-03 KDE 2
2000-07-08 Get Elite credits from Process Tree
2000-05-18 Pigdog on paper
2000-05-16 Grow better illegal mushrooms than lousy ``Psilocybe fanaticus''
2000-05-16 NetReality 3D Web Browsing
2000-05-11 40,000 Linux boxes on one machine
2000-03-23 $0 down electronic enterprise
2000-02-22 scary daemon processes
2000-02-22 Collecting seed
2000-02-19 Fancy window manager voice control
2000-02-19 Mobile Operations Machine, Multiuser Interactive Edition
2000-01-10 A Different Shade of Clone
1999-07-12 The Liquidation of Hobo Junction
1999-05-20 Gangster Rap in RealAudio
1999-05-20 Resolution Maximizes Productivity
1999-05-20 CB Radio Codes
1999-04-22 Pao Tzu: On The Beat
1999-03-15 Pao Tzu: On The Beat
1999-02-22 Terrible Ordeal -- RealVideo
1999-02-15 Pao Tzu: San Pedro Mania Part II -- Dissection
1999-02-02 Pao Tzu: Obtaining San Pedro Cactus
1998-12-27 Pagan Christmas
1998-12-22 Pao Tzu
1998-12-18 Pao Tzu: On The Beat
1998-12-09 Pao Tzu: On The Beat


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2000-06-08 Other things that suck and why. even links a picture of a BREAD COMPUTER.



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