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The Manifesto of Twelve Against the New Totalitarianism
One of the European newspapers which found itself caught up in the scandal last week involving cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed was the French comix and left-politics rag Charlie Hebdo (the name of which means roughly Chuck Weekly). Charlie is well known in France and the French-speaking world for publishing pretty much whatever, including gross cartoons of the private sexual lives of leading French and world politicians (and the imagined sexual lives of Catholic leaders).


Can you tell me how to get to Clichy-Sous-Bois?
Journalists arriving in the heart of the French Capital find quiet streets and life pretty much as normal. So how does one get the big story and some good fire footage? The PigDog Journal's European Co├Ârespondant helps out.

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The NYT provides the skinny on cheap (but good) champaigne
Wanna drink something with bubbles in it sometime over the next couple of weeks but without breaking the bank? If you don't mind going through the registration rigamarole the New York Times can set you up.

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