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Goddamn Fox News online is impossible to read through all the ads. They are fucking their own readers SO HARD.
-- Master Squid


LiquorPig is lithe and feral, like a mongoose. He has served as a bodyguard to rajahs. With his pretty manners and ninja killing instinct, he's the perfect party guest.

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Naked Tits Save Lives
In an effort to curb speeding in high-traffic areas, the Danes have hit on a new idea: beautiful half-naked women attract more attention than boring old street signs.


Deadly Robot Car Wreaks Havoc in Desert Rampage
In this shocking video, a fully autonomous armored assault vehicle is seen performing manouvers somewhere in the California desert. Or maybe it's just a 1982 Toyota Camry. Decide for yourself.


"Grizzly Man" Delivers the Laughs
Timothy Treadwell lived among grizzly bears for 13 summers, talked to them, even pet them on their noses. What kind of man would do such a thing? A raving lunatic, as it turns out.


The Chicken Man Votes, Do You?
On every street in America, there is a man like the Chicken Man. How will he be voting this election?


"Talking" Gorilla Learns to ask for Codeine
Koko the signing gorilla made history this week, when she underwent dental surgery for a self-diagnosed toothache.


Fruity Hillbilly
It's that time of year again -- Burning Man Season -- and that means fresh SCIENCE! Here is a new lab experiment for the fruity hillbilly in all of us.


Finland Expected To Drink More
Finland is bracing for increased drinking this Monday, when state-regulated alcohol prices drop by nearly 40 percent.


Too Many Stars
A Comic


Rare Deaths Prompt Federal Restrictions on Miracle Herbal Drug
It was a hot, humid day in Fort Lauderdale last February when Steve Bechler, a pitching prospect for the Baltimore Orioles, collapsed and later died of complications stemming from heatstroke. Despite reports that Bechler suffered from a host of health problems, some are blaming the death on his use of ephedrine, and using it as justification to regulate herbal stimulants.


ICANN Tells World to Fuck Off and Die
In a crushing blow to the freedom of the Internet, ICANN voted Thursday to permanently close elections to its board of directors, thus clearing the way for a small group of individuals to control the entire Internet DNS system with little or no oversight or accountability.


French Leapfrog U.S. with Amazing New Toilet Technology
The French are known for having unique ideas about bathroom hygiene. They invented and still use bidets, now recognized by environmentalists as a superior, earth-friendly solution. Now the French toilet industry has leapfrogged its U.S. counterpart with an amazing toilet that cleans itself.


NASA has released criteria for visitors to the International Space Station. Bad People of the Future are most certainly not invited.


Copy-Protected CDs Coming
Universal announced on Monday that they will be releasing copy-protected CDs in the US this week - so no longer will citizens be able to excercise their 1st amendment rights of fair use to listen to "their" music how they choose. Corporate Bastards!!!

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Thomas Edison Kills Elephant: Film at 11
In 1903, Thomas A. Edison, inventor of the light bulb, electrocuted an elephant to death. For some reason, he filmed the event and showed the clip often at lectures. Did you know that Edison was an elephant-killing rat bastard? Because he was.



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