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Freaks also need to be divided into two categories, the really scary freaks and the just sorta cute & cuddly freaks.
-- Lisa Scovel

Frankenstein Jones

Now more machine than man

Now more machine than man, Frankenstein Jones is the partially living embodiment of all that is sordid and unseemly about the World Wide Squirrel. Writing from his hidden laboratory deep within the High Andes in Northern Chile, Frankenstein Jones is fighting a delaying action against the forces that seek to make the Internet a wholesome and decent place.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Mysterious Special Ed Resurfaces Deep Within Jungle?
The world has held its breath since that fateful day last June when word came that a plane carrying world-renown Beverotologist Special Ed Ward had crashed in the South Pacific, miles from the nearest landmass, all occupants presumed dead.


40 Acres, a Mule, and a Crummy 90-Second Spot on Weekend Update
Consider the plight of the Black Man. The Black Man on "Saturday Night Live," I mean. Has there ever been a more pathetic thing than a token unredeemed for 28 years? Where is the NAACP when you really need them?


Things Are More Like They Used To Be Than They Have Ever Been Before
Wherein Our Protagonist meets girl, dates girl, marries girl, makes girl pretend to be sister, they become famous, he plays guitar and sings like he was possessed by the undead supernatural spirits of Roberts Johnson and Plant, respectively, while she plays drums, at which she is considered to be quite decent. This story has a happy ending, not the least of which when it is revealed that Robert Plant has made a miraculous recovery from being a zombie:


Highway 49 Revisited
Datelined "Historic Mariposa," the fateful press release came in like an angry wind, announcing the release of a self-produced album, "Ordinary Hero," by occasional Pigdog contributor Thom Stark, in the language and tone of a Major Event, setting off a brief firestorm around the pigdog mailing list.

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