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I feel sorry for people who don't drink. Because when you wake up, that's as good as you're going to feel all day.
-- Frank Sinatra

Dunkin' Idaho

I'm a space cowboy. Bet you aren't ready for that.

Dunkin' Idaho sparkles like a quasar with his gar-iffic, rabble-rousing prose. A former mainframe Systems Programmer gone bad, he likes long walks on the beach, Scotch, and warm cigarettes -- and he hates Music Weasels, ever since his days running the shark ride at Universal Studios.

He's currently "seeking work." If you know what we mean....

Pigdog Journal Articles


Canadian Government Whores
Canadia claims a separate, oh-so-unique Canadian culture. Then they flop for the RIAA, their legs in the air...


Shrub's Axis of Stupidity
Our Commander in Chief recently named an "Axis of Evil." But the real danger is his own Axis of Stupidity.


First, Let's Kill All the Accountants
There's a myth that Shakespeare liked lawyers, but he hated them. Yet, if he were alive today, he'd hate the lying, thieving accountants even more.


Making the Planes Run On Time
Staggering up from a holiday-binge induced coma, this correspondent fears a Rip Van Winkle hallucination because it's looking a lot like Italy... in 1939.


Wicked Witch Glimmers Clue
Amidst the recent dramas of killing friendly Afghans, letting corporate bastardos shred evidence, and watching politicos forget they got bought, a little bomblet snuck under the radar and almost made me drop my drink.

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