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Madness has no purpose. Or reason. But it may have a goal.
-- Spock

Downer Cow

Downer Cow is actually descended from a long line of Canadian gypsies. Her medicine is strong. She has the Sight, and due to an acute presentiment of evil, she can never be deceived or caught off guard. You want her watching your back.

Pigdog Journal Articles


What is hanty?
Do you want to give gifts that stand out? Gifts that can't be mistaken for mall drek? Do you want to give a gift that says "love" and maybe "help!"? Don't fight the Wal-Mart crowds, stay home and make a custom hanty for your special someone.


Jonesin' for that Indium High?
Do you suffer from "ADD, blood pressure, stress-related problems, body weight, autism" or aging? Of course you do, and that's why you need the Liquid Indium Supplement from Kornax Enterprises.


Come on, people. It's SQRAT Pox! Get it right.
Dear god, people! Can't you see the plain facts? It's SQRATpox I'm telling you! And yes it IS a conspiracy.


Strange Brew
Canadians test sick cow's head after aging it for three (3) months. Surprise! It's your favorite, and certainly mine, BSE. I guess good things come to those who wait. Things had been slow on my beat anyway.


Canadian Women: Inferior and Insecure
It's no wonder the women of BC are in a bad way. With the men preferring dogs in panties, and women being barred from the Men with Books club, it's understandable that the ladies are feeling a little insecure. But that's no excuse for turning on each other, girls.


Eternal Life for Canadian Cult
This is what happens when you live in the bleak and boring hinterland of Canadia: "Hrmm... I need something to do. I think I'll start a cult! Yeah! And then... I'll clone my favorite people! Yeah!! And the cult ladies will bear the foetuses. Tres cool! This should keep me amused until the next thaw, or until our alien masters return."


The Subversive Organization Registration Law
Want to get some buddies together to take over the United States? Maybe as a secret club? Well, don't you try it in California buster! We've got laws precicely designed to expose your kind.


133 Preliminary PDF Pages of Biowar Fun
Recommended reading for Californians who breathe or touch things.

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Squirrel Shredders
When throwing hundreds of squirrels into a jet engine is OUTLAWED, only OUTLAWS will throw hundreds of squirrels into a jet engine. OK, outlaws, and the DUTCH. They'll keep doing it, too.

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