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I think I need to either get another nickname or drink more.
-- Liquor Pig

Dkr. Armand Geddyn

Dobbsian drunk technod0rk

Dkr. Geddyn is presently encamped in Austin, where he spends most of his time wooing the lady bartenders by grossly overtipping and slurring together proclamations of love and bizarre death threats.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Dumbass Fired for Online Dumbassery
Turns out, posting insider information about your employer lead to your termination. Especially if you've only worked there for less than a month. Duh.


Ammunition in the Class War
So, you're lighting some candles (and maybe a fattie) for your niece's second birthday, when all of a sudden you are instantly transported into the last ten minutes of True Romance. Only it's way less fun, because, well, your kids are about to get a cap busted in their baby asses and you don't have Christian Slater there to be So Cool and save the day.


Major Operating Source Code Leaked
Operating system source code responsible for running millions of computers on the Internet is now exposed to widespread scrutiny, thanks to the notorious hacker web site,


Microsoft: Who do you want to 0wn today?
Microsoft Knowledge Base article 826369 describes a free tool from Redmond that enables criminals, terrorists, and hackers to quickly identify 0wnable computers around the world.


DeCSS A-OK in Norway
"DVD Jon" Johansen was acquitted Tuesday of all charges brought against him for his authorship of the widely-publicized DeCSS code (not here), which enables Linux users to view legally purchased DVD content on their computers.


County Politico Fingers Helpful Hax0r, Sysadmin in Wireless Breach
Stephen Puffer, aka the not-so-notorious "Dr SuSE," was indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of hacking a county district clerk's new wireless network. However, the real story may be one of petty office politics, personal vendettas, and chronic paranoia.


British Scofflaw Defies US DMCA
Cyber-criminal Bernhard Warner dealt a serious blow to Sony's hi-tech copy protection technology this week with the release of his fiendishly clever paper, "Copy-Pr00f CDz Cr4cked w1th 99-Cent M4rk3r Pen!!!1!!1111!"


Six More Weeks of Bombing
PAKISTAWNY, AFGHANISTAN -- The world's most wanted terrorist, Pakistawny Osama, emerged from his burrow Saturday and saw his shadow, indicating Afghanistan will see six more weeks of bombing.


Jerk City's Slow Descent to Madness
Lately, it seems that Jerk City has taken on a darker aspect. Oh, there's still plenty of boners, pricks, dongs, and dicks, but more often, there seems to be a decidedly homicidal undercurrent swelling in the daily Net comic.


Stop Microsoft from Embracing and Extending Your Home Page
In response to the geek media backlash, Microsoft seems to be backpedaling from its Smart Tag blitzkrieg of the Innurnet -- site maintainers can insert a meta tag at the top of their HTML to opt out.


Stupid Security Tool for Stupid SysAdmins
As a clueful systems administrator, part of my job is to keep the 3v1l hax0rs out of my network. In fact, that's the reason why I got this job in the first place -- everyone knows computer security is dead sexy. The chicks fall all over you.

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Microsoft sp1llz teh b34nz on hax0r talk
Your kid might be a k1dd1e if...


FCC Coverup: The Face on Jackson's Nipple
What's next? A ghostly image of the Virgin Mary on Paris Hilton's poon?


Oranges and Graphic Design
TMBG Dial-a-song of yesteryear, reincarnated today as a kooky Flash app. Boojoo.


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