Your cyborg arms will always be too short to box with God, Gene.
-- Tjames


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Pigdog Journal Articles:

2003-01-31 The TRUTH about September 11 EXPOSED!
2001-11-04 Fight board-game hegemony!
2001-09-12 Diary of a Spectator
2001-08-09 Canadian Poison Wieners
2001-06-09 Fun and Flames at Survival Research Labs
2001-05-28 Allons-y! Let's go to Mars!
2000-10-03 Cookin' Up a Filipino Box Spring Ogg
2000-05-19 The Sordid World of Underground Origami
2000-02-21 Making Junk Mail Work For You
2000-02-21 Ave Cletus! We Who Hoedown Salute You!
1999-10-08 LOSCON, or, Travels with Rick Moen
1999-07-28 Tamagothi -- The Tamagotchi for Goths!
1999-01-04 American Hooch Technology Catching Up!
1998-12-30 Canadistas Talk SMACK!!
1998-12-20 Free Monkeys!!!


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1999-07-26 Yet *MORE* Canadista Bullshit!
1999-06-29 OSI - it's for Pigs!
The Open Source Initiative has finally decided to branch off into other realms! For instance, this site will show you the best in Canadista Back-Bacon production!



C L A S S I C   P I G D O G

Escape to Spock Mountain!
by Baron Earl

Skunk School -- Learn Why Not To Keep Skunks As Pets
by El Snatcher & Ms. BunnyPenny

by Mr. Bad

Eavesdropping on Geeks: 'Star Trek: Discovery' vs 'The Orville'
by Thom 'Starky' Stark, Lenny Tuberose, 'Tricky' Rick Moen, Destino