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When we get to legitimate threats of physical violence... you'll know that we are starting phase two.
-- Johnnie Royale


Interview with Solex -- Reported 1999-03-22 21:21 by Mr. Bad

So, I think we're probably a lot more fun than those boring dweebs at SPIN.

I don't like drugs...I like beer and choclate

Journalist are rat bastards who drink too much rum and ask inappropriate questions.

Pretty sure bout that

Do you enjoy non-alcoholic spicy ginger beer?

Splicer only drink ginger beer.

I think the Guccione family should stick to what they're good at: PORN.

There's no use for nonalko nbeer

It's ginger beer, though... not beer.

Solex, I agree. Non-alcoholic beer is like fat-free cream cheese.

Never heard of

it's like ginger ale, but spicy. Try it sometime.

i will

Uh, cool.

How's Bimbo 365

hey, you've been to Bimbo's?

Wait... did you play there?

I love Bimbos. Gonna have my wedding reception there.

We played there with the Japanese people

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