Ministry of Truth! Just like in that TV show with the cats.




Hope is not a method
-- Splicer's High School Sex Ed Teacher


Interview with Solex -- Reported 1999-03-22 21:21 by Mr. Bad

I can't believe you'd do this to us!!!!

But I have nitrate poisoning!!!!

Amtrak hotdogs! 5 total!

OK, well, I have a big beer here right next to me, so that's going to be OK.

Isn't that like a good thing for gonzo jounalism? I mean, you should be yelling at me for being sober.

AUGH! Fuck.

Oh, yeah. SPLICER, quit being sober, you FUCK.

Splicer, you are so much scarier sober.

I have soundbites from the F&L movie.

You are sober, but you understand drunk people--terrifying.

heh heh

Yeah, I think that's really bad.

Can you think of anything worse than being HIGH ON LIFE!?


wow man, you are really organized ...

you're uninterested im my soundbites.

You sent them to me before.

You also use HUGE WAV FILES rather than slim little MPG3's.

I just got back from Nevada tonight. I got altitude sickness there!


oh, I forgot.


snatcher, authorize me.

Man, how could you eat AMTRAK FOOD!

We have that food to POISON FOREIGN PEOPLE so that they will GO HOME!

It's part of the NATIONAL DEFENSE.

They have these hotdogs that come in a vinyl bag!!! VINYL!!! You have to open the hotdog bag with a knife.

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