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Interview with Solex -- Reported 1999-03-22 21:21 by Mr. Bad

All right, so, let's talk about what you're doing now.

You're working on another album, right?

So what kind of bad drugs do you have in the Nederland?

Yep. I just finished 6 songs. the other half will be finished in June


Zach, you FUCK!


I dunno

So, you have MP3's of Hitmeister on the Web... what about the new album? When will we get a preview?

Not really the druggirl

I'm jonesing for more Solex.

That's good. Stay away from that stuff. Rots your brain.


Sorry, I didn't mean to insinuate that you were a drug user.


How do you feel about the MP3's that are up now?

Yes, MP3s!

Do you like seeing your music go out that way?

I think MP3 is cool. Matador just made an MP3 site

Do you listen to stuff off the Internet?

Solex, are you afraid that if people here your songs in MP3 format, they wont buy your CD?

No not really. Real audio, but I'm not into downloading a lot

I mean hear.

No, the tracks are exclusive

OK, so let me ask you some tough, provocative questions.

I heard one of your songs in MP3, and based on that, I purchased your CD (Solex vs. Hitmeister).


So, you've got a reputation as a real "bad girl" rock star. Like, there's the rumor that on the Kansas City stop of your American tour you invited over Dokken to your suite at the Hyatt and you guys did, like, $35,000 worth of damage.

Is that true?

Is that even READABLE?

It's very very readable....it's not true though.....not all of it

Ok, what about the story that in your record contract it stipulates that you must have 3 dozen raw oysters available to you AT ALL TIMES, DAY OR NIGHT?

I bought a Dokken record

No only brown M&M's

Yeah, Dokken would have been pretty pissed if they came to your suite and you didn't have any of their CDs around.

That's what I figured

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