This is it! Free porn!

And here's a great idea. A web ring of free porn sites! (It says "AAA approved" -- whatever that means.)

Actually, there's a bunch of free-porn web rings...

And we found free naked women and free erotica artwork at Immortal Lust.Com -- and better still, sex [picture] roulette!

Club Venus is a phone sex service -- but with free porn on their web site. Yay!

Women with big tits and tube top pics!

Some pages offer free samples that are just like the members-only stuff -- but free!

We eventually found free adult pics at FreeAdultSite.Com -- but we also found out they have a weird sense of humor.

Then it gets a little trickier. "Nikita's Outrageous Fantasies" promises free stuff -- but its hard to find between all the ads for pay sites. There's some high-resolution pics of naked women and even video clips -- but a lot of them are thumbnails of pictures to buy. (There's also an article about Burning Man and some other sex text.)

You can always try going through other people's lists of porn links.


Excercise in photography criticism? Or high-tech looking-up-your-dress?

Foot fetishists -- visit Enchanted Foot . Com

Order your sheep in garter belts now!. (There's also Equus Eroticus and bestiality pics.)

The touching story of one man's courageous struggle with his vomit fetish.

The Oriental Enema Museum

Some text on necrophilia.

If you've got a nurse fetish, here's some weird stories from nurses about sex-related injuries with some Prince music in the background.

The "Girls who Eat Ribs" page.

Women in Gorilla Costumes. Nuff said!

Women hit with pies.

Case studies of kinky sex. Though I have my doubts that this guy is a real psychotherapist


Great S&M site -- with animation!

Domination resources

Mistress Madison is a professional dominiatrix. She's also running for Congress.

Maude Benway's torture devices page

Coprophagy. Er, if you don't know what coprophagy means, you probably don't want to click on these links. You've been warned.


Get your she-male pics here!

Justin Bond -- drag queen for our time

A guy whose hobby is cross-dressing renews his vows. The bride(s) wore white.

Forced feminization letters to Nugget immortalized on the web.

Some heavy essays on gender


Gothic Babe of the Week. Post-modern erotica.

"Urban Desires"

Weird Ferd is a grass roots sex revolutionary. Lotsa strange pics.

David Futrelle's Girly page. "Guiltlessly indulgent, fashionably queer, highly femme". Or something.

Salon Betty. Interactive paper doll. If it's interactive, it must be good....

Hentai. Japanese pornography.

Essays on pornography

The official web site for Trojan condoms

"Grammatron" -- on-line fiction. As far as I can tell, it's about an artificial intelligence sex project gone wrong.

"Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill" was a great movie. There's sound clips, posters, pretentious commentary, and even videos and soundtracks for sale.

There's also posters of Nico (from the Velvet Underground)


On-line sex toy catalog. What everyone secretly needs...

Literate smut from "Nerve" magazine.

San Francisco sex guru Annie Sprinkle is waiting for you...

Here's a good zine about sex issues.

Good Vibrations. A pioneering, sex-positive, sex accessory shop.

Dr. Ruth Online. A dream come true?

The Coalition for Positive Sexuality presents... Just say yes!

"The Sex Page". Sort of a sex how-to page.

Porn star birthdays


Poignant cartoon about "Losing my Virginity". No patience with teen girl reminscences?? Skip to the "last four frames.

"At 14, I had a vague notion that I should be ashamed of being a virgin," this essay starts out. It looked like it was actually about flipping over a dead cat carcass -- but then it turns into a story about a magazine called "Hot Whores".


In a fun bit of irony, most of the links Congress fought as "Indecent" expired from old age. Bianca's Smut Shack now charges $10 admission fee. (What Congress can't accomplish, capitalism can...)

What could be kinkier than indecent passages from the bible?


Think of it as Poor Richard's Almanac for the 90s. Murphy's Laws of Sex

In the jokes-for-geeks department: the sex life of an electron

Star Trek, yes. Nude trek?

The more intellectual geek savors a Riotgirl's perspective on Star Trek. (And fans of Data, rejoice. Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back!


159 synonyms for female masturbation

You like News? You like Babes? Double your fun with the News Babes page

Heartless Bitches . Com

All Men Must Die

You thought PETA's anti-fur campaign was politically correct? Think again..

There's alot of feminist zines. This is one of them...

Vagina research institute

Dr. Hymen's Home Gynecology course

When blowjobs become a job. Includes thought-provoking "viewer mail" section.

A cathartic blow-job cartoon

Penis for a day. Remember "Queen for a day"? It's nothing like it.

The Museum of Menstruation

She's Barton! Read her tampon reviews and ratings at the "T-Spot" ("Coming soon: Kotex!") and Barton's gynecological adventures!


Is your blocking software blocking more than porn? Peacefire watches the watchers...

The U Report -- for the modern homosexual. Interview with a gay CU-See-Me slut

Profile of a pornographer

Attention, perverts! Real-life cheerleader pictures! (Er, pay no attention to the text around it. )

The Adult Entertainment Industry's version of Comdex.

Trashy corporate sex news stories... all in one place!

"More sex is safer sex." An economist says so. It must be true.

Miss November's role in computer history.

Great moments in topless dancing

The Business adventures of Honey Bare and Veronica Webb. (Don't let the URL fool you. They're pretty kinky at Forbes.)

A Phi Beta Kappa opens a bikini store on the web.

Latoya Jackson. The real-life scandals, the dismal Russia comeback tour, and Latoya Jackson legal studies.


Free porn is actually pretty hard to find. If you look hard enough, you can find a rock poster with nudity!

"This site will allways be Totally Free," say the webmasters at Unfortunately, they only have one picture.

Alot of sites promise free stuff but then airbrush the phrase "members only" over their sample pictures.

Seems like every pornographer has gone commercial. There's even Olivia T-shirts and other products

Other sites offer censored porn with humorous captions. Grr. These better be funny....

And we were intrigued by the "Sex with Don Knotts" page. C'mon -- who hasn't thought about it?

I don't know what it is, but its title says "Pornography." That's good enough for me!