Dogman is a big humorless asshole

We did a link about this guy named Dogman who had a funny resume. But then he took down his site because he was getting too many hits or something. We HATE having our links go AWOL, so we mirrored his page on Pigdog.

It was like this for MONTHS, until we got this stupid letter:

From: dogman 
Subject: You stole my page
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 11:30:53 -0700

I noticed that you guys copied my web page to:

Why?  That's real sloppy theft if you ask me.

That's cheap and you'll get shamed for that.


What a fucking weasel. Screw Dogman. He is now the enemy of us. I hope he chokes on a flaming shit sandwich.

~Mr. Bad

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