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It's raining out now. I'd go out and run naked except that I'm in Oakland and I'd probably be arrested.
-- The Compulsive Splicer

Would You Like Fetish With That?

You think you got fetishes... check these people out...

Pigdog Journal Articles


Safety Standards for Sex Toys
ISO-3533:2021 is a requirements document from the International Standards Organization that defines the design and safety requirements for products in direct contact with genitalia, the anus, or both. -- Ersten Wiles


iPad2 brings new possibilities for porn
All of San Francisco's most cutting-edge masturbators gathered at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts today for the unveiling of the iPad2 from Apple, a device which promises to revolutionize porn creation and delivery. -- Baron Earl


The Limericks of Gor
The buxom young girls of Gor, -- JRoyale


Feel The Love
I had the divine experience of visiting a Strip Club for the first time recently. What the hell have I been waiting for?! It's so obvious people, Strip Clubs are clearly the solution to our Whirled problems. I attended with a small group of friends. But from now on, all my dates will include a visit to the Strip Club. In fact, I think I'll open my own. Not one of those Gentlemen Fake Boobies Bars neither. But one with real, pierced and tattooed bodies. And good beer. -- Miss Conduct


Ernie's House of Whoop Ass
Ernie has it down and he's serving up some major Internet Whoop Ass at his humble little site. There certainly is a lot to see and do at EHoWA - you can spend several hours browsing through this extensive collection of hard-core-in-your-face-just-fuck-off and-die-because-I-don't-care-what-you-think material. -- JRoyale


Tolkien on Evil Swedish Site
In this Shockwave game, fantasy fiction master J. R. R. Tolkien is sitting by himself in a dark Swedish woods and needs your help. -- JRoyale


Just Because You're Polyamorous Doesn't Mean I Want to Have Sex with You
You know how when you're at an exceptionally freaktastic party out in the middle of nowhere. You're having a really great time. You're shouting, you're laughing, you're rocking. Then some Smut Weasel starts to mook off your vibe. He slips his arm over your shoulder and begins to rub. And even though your friend, his Significant Other, has introduced you eleventy-million times he says, "Hello, I don't believe we've met. My name is Smut Weasel. Wanna get freaky?" -- Miss Conduct


Kinky Co-workers
What's your boss really checking out when she's surfing the web? How about Lenny in accounting? Or Sheila the new temp-without-a-cause? Knowing who shares your kinks is vital when you want to know which co-workers you should become better acquainted with, and a little inside information can go a long way. -- Baron Earl


Life Sucks
"Suck my tits if you want to live!" she cried. "Suck my nipples and drink from my big milky jugs!" -- Baron Earl


Body and Soul, a night of fucking in San Francisco
For the benefit of Pigdog readers, I took it upon myself to explore the deep frontiers of human behavior and attend a saucy festival of the flesh. This was no ordinary fete of carnal delights, dearie. -- Kakao Chouva


Squirrel Porn0
It appears for every fetish that exists, there is a web site to cater to it. If your particular fetish is Squirrel Sex then we have the site for you. -- JRoyale


Natalie Portman built out of Legos
Lego fetish? A twisted man spends seven months building animals out of Legos. But not just animals -- 14-foot long animals. And, of course -- Natalie Portman. -- El Destino


They're hot, horny, incarcerated, and waiting for you!
What a bind you are in. The cold images on your computer's cathode-ray tube just won't cut it anymore. You need the warmth of a real female. But where can you find one? Ever try jail? -- Flesh


Pervo Paratroopers Rain Sex Juices On Unwitting Citizens
In the annals of pervert creepo history, no single group is more feared and loathed than the disgusting elite pervert strike force known as "The Mile High Club!" And this company, Fantasies Aloft, is enabling perverts to have their disgusting juicy trysts at 30,000 feet in the AIR! Look out below! -- Mr. Bad


The sweating! The groaning! The writhing around! The mesmerizing sight of a pair of tiny feet pushing forth from a pulsating vagina during a kinky breach delivery! The pure erotic pleasure of an unnassisted childbirth! -- Tjames Madison


Would-be Stalkers Beware: Porno Pager is Here
So some jackass has invented this device that monitors your computer to see if your kid is looking at porno, and then emails or pages you and tells you "YOUR KID IS LOOKING AT PORNO!" -- Tjames Madison


It Ain't Over Till Someone Gets Gooey
Because the chances of having unprotected sex can mean killing yourself, it has become necessary to protect one's self from someone else's goo. And in a good demonstration of cause and effect, we now see different fetishes on the rise. At the top of the list are cream pies. -- Flesh


Death By Fetish
This is a really really sad story about a sad sad old man with a life-long dream to have someone cut his leg off and the sad sad doctor who took him to a south o' the border clinic and did it. The sad sad old man isn't as sad any more, cause he's dead. The sad doctor is now a sad sad doctor because he's facing 25 years in jail and a significantly shorter life expectancy. -- Negative Nancy


Jenni, You Haven't Been There For Me
Dear JenniCam: there comes a time in every relationship where somebody has to lay the truth out on the line. I guess we've reached that point, baby. It all boils down to this, Jenni: you just haven't been there for me. -- Mr. Bad


Lee Roy: So Beautifully Can Be No Man However
I love this page. Comically speaking, it's so drop-dead perfect in its recasting of the old "German guy who speaks very little English translating stuff from German to English" theme that, at first read, it looks like one of the best EuroDuh parodies you've ever encountered. Well, it's NOT. It's REAL. -- Tjames Madison


Naked Ladies with Bags on their Heads
This site is CRAZY! Naked ladies with paper bags on their heads! For REAL! -- Mr. Bad


Swinger Conference GETS IT ON in Reno! YEAH Baby!!!
Swarming swingers descended on Reno Nevada -- like LOCUSTS -- to attend the "Lifestyles '99 Reno Rendezvous" convention (July 7 - 10), and hear hedgehog-man RON JEREMY explain how NOT to break the law while engaging in wild wife swapping ACTION! -- El Snatcher


Clown Pornography: The Hidden Menace
Hey look! Clown pornography! And you thought it was all a myth like those snuff films! But look at this: CLOWN PORNOGRAPHY. Do I have to spell it out? -- Tjames Madison


Der Bra Ist Krazy!
Want a new look for your sagging fraulein? No problem! Buy her the stick-on bra, the latest craze in Germany, the country that gave you Col. Klink, Kraftwerk and the Volkswagen Jetta. -- Tjames Madison


Girls, Please Keep the Signs Dry
I love America. If you can't find the fetish of your choice here, it doesn't exist. And to prove my point, this guy is getting half nakid, horny chicks to climb all over the company signs of some the biggest hitters in the world famous Silicon Valley -- home of the digital revolution. -- JRoyale


...And STEP on It!
MORE and MORE trampling and stompling fun! You haven't lived till you've had a 4-inch heel digging into your CHEST, man! -- Mr. Bad


Put the BOOGIE in your Butt
Well, I have to admit that I've never found enemas particularly sexy. I mean, I didn't find them sexy until I found this COOLIO SITE,! Damn! -- Mr. Bad


Big Ass Smotherland Smash!!!!
Perhaps there is no more common fantasy among men than to have 2000 lbs. of fat ladies sitting on your head. Oh, yeah! That's the life, BAYBEE! Look here to find your dreams of smotherhood fulfilled. -- Mr. Bad

Offsite links shared by staff writers



Moan my IP -- Baron Earl


Spot the humping dogs -- Baron Earl


Love is love
What the world needs now is love. -- Miss Conduct


Tit-sucking Dogs! -- Baron Earl


Sex club shut down
Neighbors complaining about loud moaning get cops to shut sex club down for violating local noise ordinance. -- Baron Earl


I Hate Clowns
I still can't decide if I'm proud or ashamed that I personally know each and every one of these people. -- Miss Conduct


Fur Suit Sex -- h.r.taffs


Panties for Christ -- h.r.taffs


A Couple of Nuts -- Baron Earl


Smiley Smile
It's like Bowling for Dollars, except you're mostly whackin' off, and you don't get to keep the dollars. But you get to keep the orgasms! So that's not so bad. But none of my friends are going to pay me to beat off, I'm sure. -- Mr. Bad


Pussy Lovers
Come on in Pussy Lovers. If we don't got it, you don't want it. (Flash) -- JRoyale


A kick in the balls
Your very basic kick in the balls (wmv/avi) -- JRoyale


Good Dog? Bad Dag? -- Miles Standish

2001-12-07 -- Crackmonkey



Fucking Machines -- Baron Earl



15-year-old Sex Slave
It'd be interesting to tally how many different laws you'd be breaking by importing a 15-year-old sex slave. -- Mr. Bad -- Baron Earl



German Snuff Porn -- Baron Earl


Real Hamster . com -- El Destino


Best Job I Never Had -- Baron Earl



Lego Porn: Now More than Ever
Lego porn: an idea whose time has come. -- Mr. Bad



Nipple Addition Surgery -- Baron Earl


Geek Porn -- Baron Earl



Drive-through Strip Club -- Baron Earl






Horny Unicorn Lovers
And once you're all HOT and BOTHERED for Unicorns git yerself some ACTION! -- Ms.BunnyPenny


Secret Room of Ancient Porno -- Unlocked at Last!
Woo-hoo! A secret stash of Greco-roman wank art has been revealed at the Italian Museum in Naples. Crazy Italians were gouging the doors with their nails, scratching to get in! So they finally opened em up. Look on, ye mighty, and despair! -- Mr. Bad


Xena: Warrior Lesbian! -- Tjames Madison



BBC: Porn brokers go public
Porn brokers go public -- Ms.BunnyPenny


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