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Besides, the NRA are a bunch of liberal commie pinkos.
-- Master Squid


Too Punk To Fuck
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2003-05-06 Things Are More Like They Used To Be Than They Have Ever Been Before
2000-01-30 The Snakefighter is Cast Into The Pit of Cobras
1999-01-15 Gilman St. In Trouble

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2011-02-27 Anonyous targets Westboro Baptist Church (godhatesfags.com)
-- Baron Earl
2004-04-17 Magnetic implants
-- Baron Earl
2001-05-27 Woman Bites Off Man's Testicles
-- Baron Earl
2001-05-27 10 Pages of Dirty Words from the FCC
-- Baron Earl
2000-04-27 Joey Ramone's stock picks
-- El Destino
1999-06-10 Former Rolling Stones Drummer Now a Hot Dog Vendor
-- Tjames Madison




C L A S S I C   P I G D O G

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