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You have come a long way from the Bloodthirsty, Beady-eyed news Hawk that you were in days of yore. Maybe you should try reading something besides those goddamn motorcycle magazines -- or one of these days you'll find hair growing in your palms.
-- HST


Behold the Assman!
Everyone's Favorite! The Assman! Hooray for the Assman!

Pigdog Journal Articles

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2006-03-14 Stupid Drunk Tricks
David John Verrow, 46, was booked into Santa Rita Jail on a laundry list of crimes after he hit two parked cars, dashed from his truck and barricaded himself in his room. Once there, he used an ax to hack his way into an attic crawl space -- only to fall through the ceiling into the arms of the police below. -- Baron Earl
2002-07-24 Cryotherapy - not just for heads anymore
Experience the healing benefits of a glacier fresh cool-down spa treatment for that most deserving of body parts - your butt! -- Miss Conduct
2002-06-17 You've come a long way, baby.
Use your ass wisely. -- Miss Conduct
2002-03-19 Everybody needs it.
'Here at ShitBegone, I know your ass is important.' -- Miss Conduct
2000-07-21 Good-looking racecar driver, desperate for a date
-- El Destino



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