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I got depressed cause my motherboard keeps giving me a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and so I decided to drink Guinness.
-- Johnnie Royale

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The Johnnie Royale Game
Ok, so this isn't the really the Johnnie Royale game, in fact, the author of this little Flash page not only doesn't know who in the hell I am, but happens to live somewhere in Eastern Europe, not that there is anything wrong with Eastern Europe, just that it's a long way away and I've never been. And since I'm jumping off this rather pathetic article with disclaimers, I might as well mention that our own esteemed Frank Jones was the PDJer that discovered this applet and laughingly named it after me. -- JRoyale


Golf Bag Lighter Will Bury You
Tell ya whut, you've all gotta get GOLF BAG LIGHTERS. Ninety-nine cents at the 99 Cent Store. GOLF BAG LIGHTER. -- Tjames Madison


So, your computer is sitting there, idle, doing nothing but wasting power. What if you could take those spare CPU cycles and do something useful with them? Rather than crack codes or search for extraterrestrial life, you could join thousands of others and help track down the elusive Yeti using this special software... -- Baron Earl


Russian Programmer Imprisoned for DMCA Violations
Yesterday the U.S. busted a Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov for breaking the infamous DMCA act. It is not really clear to me if Dmitry was jailed (and he is currently sitting in a Las Vegas jail) for writing a piece of code that defeats Adobe's PDF file encryption schema or for talking about it at the notorious hacker convention, Defcon, held this year in Las Vegas. -- JRoyale


ManHunt and ManTrap
"When an attack is identified, ManHunt images/begins automatically determining the source of the attack and shares attack information securely with other networks involved in the attack, such as an upstream network service provider, to track the source of the attack across a distributed network. ManHunt can also automatically divert the attack to a decoy environment, such as ManTrap for forensic data gathering." -- Marketing blurb from Recourse Technologies web site -- Baron Earl


Let's Go Universal Remote!
I love the web. Do you know why? No, it's not just because of the plentiful, easy-to-locate pornography and baseball scores. It's also because of stuff like this: pages with no other real purpose than to give you lists of universal remote codes. -- Tjames Madison


Attack of the Bugs with GLOWING GREEN EYES!!
It's true!! It's true!! The Germans are Bad People, almost as rotten as the British! The proof is in the SCIENCE! German "scientists" have discovered a way to genetically attach glowing jellyfish goo to bug DNA, creating FRANKENBUGS!! Bugs with GLOWING GREEN EYES!! -- Ms.BunnyPenny


Japanese Fear Science
These days, we don't have torch-wielding mobs storm the laboratory. We just let our government make a ruling, subtly hinting that failing to comply will result in the same angry mob. By "we", of course, I mean "Japan". So when this scientist, Setsuo Iwasaki, wants to do an experiment on cell division to research leukemia. But the government says, "Holy shit! This vaguely resembles human cloning!" -- Miles Standish


The Beast Commeth- And He Is Us
Let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is 5,878,155. -- Flesh


Crazy! More Old Skool HACKER MAGS on the Net
Computer Underground Digest! Is still! Being published! Weekly! Mother fuck! -- Mr. Bad


Gimme a Phrack, I'll Phrack You Back
Man, remember the days when you could get your computer confiscated just for having a Phrack on your hard drive? Or so they said. God, those seem like simpler times. -- Mr. Bad


Apple Will Reveal Cool, iMac-like Laptop!
Steve Jobs will show off a new CRAZY LOOKING laptop at the MacWorld convention in New York next week, aimed at students, home users, and cheapskates. The new portable has a massively reengineered architecture and a wacky new case. -- El Snatcher


Duffel Bag 'o Death
Some doctors carry medicine and stethoscopes in their little black bags. When an unnamed doctor from U.C. Berkeley came to visit San Francisco last week, he decided to bring a vial of tuberculosis bacilli instead. Whatever he intended to do with the deadly bacteria will have to wait until he can whip up a fresh batch, because someone stole the vial. -- Baron Earl


Canadian Army Developing Combat Super-bras
Imagine humping 25 miles a day and then having to violently fling yourself into an enemy foxhole or tunnel, wildly stabbing everyone you encounter with your steely bayonet. Imagine doing that every single day for a week--without showering, without changing your clothes. Imagine that you are Canadian, and you have huge tits! -- El Snatcher

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Robot Finds Kitten -- Mr. Bad


From the nation that brought you the Walkman...
Wonder if it's wash and wear or dry clean only... -- Ragboy



Death Row Online -- Joab Jackson


Curse Free TV
'Curse Free TV' is a gadget that scans closed-captioning in order to mute-out profanity and 'other offensive phrases.' -- Eugene Leitl



Evil ad vendor conquers desktops!
Evil ad-installer hidden in BIOS -- El Destino



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